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PCI Graphics to column view

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Anyone know how i can take PCI Graphics info from the audit and put it in a custom column/field?

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  • Pretty sure you're going to have to go to the "vCurrPciInfo" view to get the info, then write it to "vSystemInfoManual" somehow, and then try to keep it synchronized of course!

    I would guess this is for doing an Aggregate Table report that shows the video card?

    If I have time to work on it I'll post results here - the same method could be applied to put C: drive information into an aggregate table as well, which I bet would generate a lot of happy community members!  (Drawing from "vCurrDiskInfo" of course!)

    If anyone else already has this working, let us all know!

  • Main reason i want this is, i am trying to get the vPro module working and after months of troubleshooting we finally figured out it only works with integrated video cards (intel).

    I had a view that showed me all the computers with vPro installed but half of those wont work because they dont have integrated video cards. I'd like to create a view that only shows me the computers that will actually work with vPro (i.e., PCI graphics cards with the work Intel in them).

  • Interesting!

    So I wrote a quick "one off" that doesn't work... it's frustratingly close though!

    Basically you do an "Update System Info" step, and push this string into whichever custom field you want:

    #vCurrPciInfo.VendorName# #vCurrPciInfo.ProductName#

    The problem is that it picks the *first* row of data from vCurrPciInfo, and I can't find an example to show me how to do a "SELECT VendorName, ProductName from vCurrPciInfo where PciBaseClass=whatever"

    So then I looked in the forums and found this: community.kaseya.com/.../57700.aspx

    I haven't tested it but it looks like it ought to work, but it doesn't get the info from the database, it gets it from WMI on a live machine.


  • You could get "Name" from the Win32_VideoController class: msdn.microsoft.com/.../aa394512(v=vs.85).aspx

    Also, are you sure the video card has anything to do with vPro? I did a case study for Intel on vPro and did not have that experience. However, I know certain versions of AMT support certain features.