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View Definitions for IE9?

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What do I put in the Contains Application and Version String to filter agents with Internet Explorer 9 installed?

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  • you'd need to put the .exe in there

    but maybe a sql view would be better since it's all contained in the database anyway

    get variable sql view

    -- vAddRemoveList/applicationName

    that may help you out, otherwise you could use an excel spread sheet if you have direct access to your sql data. I've found xls to be very helpfull with add/remove since the view in the vsa requires that you use .exe for the application. I would think that the view would have some sort of sql query language directly accessable to the admin making it very powerful search tool. As of right now though, I only know of using the .exe to utilize the view for ie9.

    so to answer your question.....    iexplore.exe    version 9*    should be located in your program files/internet explorer folder