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Has anyone used the Symantec Backup Exec Management Plug-in for Kaseya?

  • It seems that Symantec have had a Backup Exec plugin available for Kaseya for a few months, although I've only run into it for the first time today.

    It'll be a little while until I can get it in to trial, and as the forums are strangely quiet on the subject I though I'd ask and see if anyone has any experience with it, and if so, what do they think of it?


  • I installed it recently and have not been able to get it to work.  I opened a Kaseya ticket on it but they referred me out to Symantec support.  Haven't had the time to do this yet.

  • I took a look at it and noticed that it requires SSRS. Mine's busted, at the moment, so it'll have to wait 'til I get that fixed. Thanks for pointing it out, though. I hadn't known it was available...

  • I saw this post the other day and decided to try it out.  I installed it last night and so far it works well.  You have to install the symantec agent on each server that has symantec backup exec installed.  It only supports the newer versions of symantec 12.5 or higher.  Out of the 54 machines it found with symantec I can only monitor 15 due to the version.

    It doesn't push the backup information, you have to run some included scripts to get the backup info.  

  • where can you find that symantec agent?

  • It is part of the download in the link above.  You have to put the agent in the vsashare files and run the script to install the agent on each server.

  • ah didn't read i had to run a script. Thanx.

  • btw installed the 1.0 agent but in kaseya i dont see a server in the symantec module.

  • I installed it. It works okay. But they dont have any email alert functionality and no scheduled reporting, which are the only two things I really needed. Basically it drops all errors and reports into a series of dashboards and that is all you get.

  • hmm thought something like that diggisaur. not suitable for us.

  • You can however use the module to let Kaseya gather all the info to your SQL server.. and have SQL Reporting report over that data..

    the only nasty thing is the missing part to create alerts based on this..

  • yup thats true.

  • It is a first release and they made the module entirely on their own. Be sure to give them good feedback so they continue to improve it :)

  • Agree with Ben on this one.  It is the first release and the next version is currently in beta testing.  Wish I had the time to install and test.

  • I have been a Beta tester of this product from the beggining. It is now working great in our environments. Yes it is limited to the newer versions of BUEXEC, but the reporting is great. At any given time I can go and look at the backup matrix, successful\failed jobs, etc. The reports are very professional and the Symantec team called me about 4 times when I reported a bug and remoted in for a session to get it fixed. The newest installed version has major improvements and functionability. For our clients that dotn want BUDR or another option, we now dont have to worry about pulling event logs or getting emails from the server to tell us what the issue is. We can go right to the XML report and look at it.

    Kudos to Symantec for being "Kaseya Aware"