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Kaseya Connect 2012

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm looking at going to this years Vegas conference and want to hear from people who have gone before

    What are your thoughts about going this year?

    How are the hotel prices looking?

    Other tips/comments...


  • Hi, I was there the last 2 years. It's a nice event to get connected with other kaseya users.

    But this year unforunately I do not know excatly because I'm very frustrated with kaseya ...


  • Hi,

    @Richard, may i ask you something????....you are one of the bigger clients, I know you are very frustated(Budr...), did Kaseya ever called you to talk about that?


  • Not going.. The (non-technical) MD went last year with one of the non-technical management team, and I don't think they found a great deal of value in it.

    I plan to be attending the UK Connect conference and am really looking forward to it...

  • Hi Oliver,

    no call .. no email ... but it's okay ;-)


  • Myself and our MD are going. We both got a truckload of value last year. The workshops/lab alone make it worth attending, as it's great to be able to discuss certain "gotchas" directly with the developers. The biggest issue for us was that in a crowded lab, it can be difficult to get a slot to ask some questions. That could just be because we're quiet polite New Zealanders though, and not pushy Americans! ;) *hides*

    The other extremely useful part was an open-mic session direct to Kaseya "gods". It was great to be able to share our problems and have them heard and responded to constructively.

    Seriously though, the fact that we travel from NZ to be there should tell you how valuable we consider it. It's great to see the cool bunch of people who make up the Kaseya community.

  • @Greig - That's great feedback.  Do you think metering Product Lab times by groups of customers might make that time more effective?  

  • Hi Brendan, I'm not sure about metering. Maybe just have the guys running each particular lab be aware of how many people are around them. Often they'd be so involved in a conversation with one guy that others would give up waiting to ask a question and wander off. Not insurmountable, we can always come back later! :)