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Schedule Distribution window Functionality

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I'm looking to schedule the Latest Audit to run once a week, outside of business hours, spread out between Wednesday through Saturday. In the schedule dialogue I select Weekly for Recurrence, set my start time and then a distribution window of 4 days. My question is, do I select the check box for Wednesday only, or do I need to check all four days? One way I'm interpreting the scheduler is that if only Wednesday is selected with a 4 day window the audits will begin on Wednesday and be spread out as I wish. Another way I can see it happening, though, is that since only Wednesday is selected all audits will run on one day, regardless of the multi-day distribution window defined. Yet another way of looking at it is if all four days are selected the scheduler will use a 4 day window from each of the selected days, thus possibly scheduling the audit to be run each day of the week (but granted each agent will only run it once a week.)

Does anybody have a definitive answer on how this actually works?

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  • From my experience you need only choose one day and then set your window for 4 days.  There is however another problem, if you are trying to spread it out during business hours by using the Exclude following time range option it will not work.  There appears to be a limitation if you try to do this over more than one day the exlusions are simply ignored.  I've tried setting this to audit workstations over the normal business week and when I go in and check there are audits scheduled for stupid o'clock in the morning even though I've explicitly asked the system not to do it at these times.