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Hacking kaseya html

  • Hi chaps

    We have a screen on the wall showing a dashboard for our clients. However we need to make a few changes to web page itself.

    The main change is that we want the page to open maximised and not in a fixed size window which it appears to do now. 


    Does anyone know what HTML file is used as the template for the dashboard page and where it may be found?



  • The new window size is controlled by the table dbo.monitorDashboard, columns windowWidth & windowHeight. These fields are passed to the JavaScript in the WebPages\Dashboards\DashboardList.aspx. I have tested it by modifying the values in SQL, and it will make the window the absolute size you need, but I have not tested it to see how to open it as a maximized window. I hope this helps.

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  • I don't have anything valuable to contribute, but the title of this thread made me giggle. =D

  • Hi,

    We also have a dashboard, but we made our own with SQL queries directly from the database, instead of doing something via Kaseya. You can do alot more with it that way! Got our inspiration from community.kaseya.com/.../60371.aspx, and made our own, with a big flashing sign if a server is offline and other useful information.

  • care to share ?