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  • I just wanted to let anyone know that is interested in the Kaseya Certification program: my impression.

    It is informative, even if you have worked with the product for a number of years, you will be asked things you didn't know were important.

    I found the program to be well structured with the watching of videos, then the participation in teh videos, then the practice questions and finally teh virtual labs. The theory exam was a good challenge and gives a very good grounding in Kaseya.

    The practical exam gives a good view of things an admin does every day and is possible to complete in the time allocated, but you really need to power through it.

    I found one of the greatest things with this program was the willingness of Dr. Masoud Sadjadi to help if an issue arose and welcome feedback on the program, unlike many other certification program mediators.

    So do yourself a favour and give the certification a bit of effort.

    Mike Mudford

    Operations Manager 

    CodeBlue Limited


    New Zealand



  • Has anybody else completed this?

    One forum post since the program launched has me wondering if this ever caught steam. I'm hesitant to fork over 1-2K for something that's hit the back burner.

    Would love to hear more feedback of anybody else has any.

  • Absolutely 100% worth it, IMHO

    See -




  • @Jesse.smith - This hasn't been moved to the back burner in fact, just the opposite, and moving forward more benefits will be tied to certification.  We are approaching 200 KCA's.   I think if asked, each KCA, would tell you how valuable the cert has been for them.

  • Could not agree more.

    I was one of the first partners to complete the certification and can say with absolute certainty that the certification is relevant and Dr. Masoud Sadjadi is incredible with questions, issues and just general feedback.

  • Awesome, thanks guys.

    I'm considering putting a fairly green Kaseya tech through the Novice program. Any expectations as to how much time and focus I should be giving him for this? What kind of day to day, hour by hour training plan would you set in place for an employee that you wanted to get certified through this program?

    I'd like him to get it done as soon as possible while also keeping my expectations realistic. I wouldn't actually care if this is ALL he does for a while, if that made sense.


  • If you're willing to dedicate him to doing ONLY that for a week, that would probably be the bare minimum of time that I would suggest.  More realistically, give him a couple of weeks.  Dr. Sadjadi could probably give you a very good idea of realistic expectations based on what experience you tell him about.