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Custom fields per organisation

  • Is there a way to create an organisational level custom field? We want to run a script on all clients but we need to allow companies to opt out. We use a machine level custom field currently but this needs to be manually set for each new machine and, humans being humans, this never happens.


    Any suggestions?


  • Interesting question Olly.  I want to do the same so that I can link data with our CRM system and had started using the Organization Name field when you create a new group.  Biggest problem with this is I can't see this field when using the kaseyaviews account which leads me to suspect it's not available through a view but will be in the db somewhere.  I've not looked very hard as I ended up creating a custom field but that's no ideal either as like you say it gets forgotten and not filled in.

  • In V6.1 under Manage/ORganization there is a Custom Field TAB .. and you can add/edit these fields. THink there is a max of 20 fields though .. and getting these field values back into scripts requires some SQL Views to be built