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Need Advice on Connectwise v tigerpaw

  • Hi All

    I have read a number of forums on the debate which is better , Connectwise or Tigerpaw  however they seem to be a few years old .

    Just a bit of background , we are traditionally a Telecommunications company , 20+ staff and  moved into IP telephony and UC about 5-6 years ago . Early this year we took the next step into IT services and solutions and now its time to upgrade our software platforms to assist us with the transition .Part of this ,  is upgrading what we are using for CRM , Ticketing , Workforce management etc . We are looking at CW and TP and would appreciate some feedback and assistance by those that are using either software and have already gone done the same path we have in making the decision .

    Any advice would be great.



  • We use ConnectWise, and we like it, and by we I mean everyone but the sales staff... they're kind of on another planet... since sales doesnt use it, billing with CW is difficult but do-able.  Since I'm not the billing guy I can't really say how that bit is, but from the service side CW is the best I've used in a while... I'm by no means saying it's the best out there but better than everything else this company has waisted its money on.  As for Tigerpaw I haven't used it so I really can't say.  CW does have Kaseya integration, it takes a bit of time to get set up and tweaked and peaked but it's really nice in that area too...

  • We're using Tigerpaw and just went live with it April 1, so we're still getting used to everything.  It does have Kaseya integration but we haven't turned that on yet (and I'm not 100% it's K2 ready yet actually).  It integrates with QuickBooks which is nice. The interface is nice, if not a bit quirky at times.  I really like the integrated marketing module.   Implementing it (or CW for that matter) is no small task.  We were told (by sales of course) to expect a 3 month implementation cycle, it took closer to 6 months of work.  Depending on the modules you use, it can touch pretty much every part of the business, so careful planning is a must.  There's a lot of features in there we haven't even started using yet - workflow, projects, and many others. Overall we're pretty happy with it.

  • Thanks for the input Thirteentwenty

    Benny , did you guys look at Connectwise and if so why did you choose TP of CW ?

  • I know we looked at Connectwise as well as Autotask, but this was back in the fall of 2009 when we did our due diligence so I can't recall the exact reasons why we didn't go with CW or Autotask.  One of them (Autotask I think) only offered a perpetual subscription rather than being able to own it outright, and that was something we were looking to avoid.  TP also made me a great deal (helps when you call them on December 31st about 4:45pm - we were the last deal of the year).    TP had features that most closely matched some of the 'must haves' from our old solution (called Electronic Service Control or 'ESC').  We were looking for something with a mobile app so my guys could easily track work while in the field.  It turns out that the mobile app actually sucked pretty bad, but we were given what they call the 'employee portal' which lets us do the same things as the mobile app, just through a web-based UI instead of a native mobile app.  

  • The perpetual subscription sounds like CW, when ours ran out our thick client stopped working, but the web interface continued.  There are limitations to this because things like adding new companies and making system changes can only be done through the thick client.

    As for mobile apps, we don't use the CW mobile app because of the costs involved, we just use the web interface while onsite.  

  • Tigerpaw sells Kaseya integration as an add-on module and it does support K2.