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Remove users from chat

  • Hi,

    We let some of our customers have a logon to Kaseya so they can take control of machines. We have noticed that since applying the latest Service Pack all of the users are available to chat with from Any agent. Is there a way to hide all users with the exception of any we specify. I would even be happy with being able to turn chat off completely.

  • You can remove 'chat' from the user role you're assigning to your customers.

  • Hi Dean,

    If I understand you correctly, you are saying that end-users have the ability to Chat from the LiveConnect portal when they launch it by clicking on the Kaseya Agent icon in their system tray and then from within that Chat function they can see a list of all the Kaseya adminisrators that are currently logged onto the VSA.  

    If this is your concern, then you have a couple options:

    1) Disable the agent machines ability to see the Chat function in LiveConnect

      This is done by customizing the access rights on the Machine Role that each agent machine is a member of.

      To do this use the System->User Security->Machine Roles function.  

      New Machine Roles can be created and different agents can be assigned to different machine roles for additional flexibility.

      When you select a machine role, click on the Access Rights tab and then the Set Role Access Rights button.

      Then expand the LiveConnect branch and uncheck the Chat node.

      You could also remove other functions that will you don't want end-users to see.

      When you are done, save by clicking on the Ok button.

    2) Instruct your Kaseya administrators to remove their names from chat list seen by users.

      This is done by each administrator and is a preference for that administrator.

      To do this the administrator must be able to access the Remote Control->Message with Users->Chat function.

      From that function they must check the box that reads "Remove your name from chat list seen by users.".

    I hope this helps.



  • Is there a way you can make it so the Master Administrators can do this without having to guide the users they do not want listed?