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network mapping/diagramming in K2

  • Hi chaps,

    We are just moving to K2. Anyone know if there is a way to map a network in it?

    Alternatively, what are people using for network mapping? Any recommendations ?



  • We have created a direct link to KServer Database with VIsio to create diagrams for some clients.

  • Ritchie,

    I'm curious... can you elaborate (how, what are the results, etc)?

  • Basically when e create a Data link to SQL Server we have access tot he agents / groups similar to when you create a link with Excel.  Then you can add fields n the diagram  which come direclty from Kaseya SQL DB.

  • The KND module is suppose to do this for us (eventually). It can already do some diagrams but I don't see an option to move them into a structure that makes sense and the "Collector" is always the center of the diagrams

    @RICHIE how did you figure out how to make Visio talk to Kserver DB, did you just use the same instructions the provided for connecting Excel? It would be interesting to see if the network devices discovered by KND can also be included into Visio diagram.

  • Somebody already beat me to the question :)

  • Yes SImilar process as the one used for Linking to Excel.