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Time Tracking

  • is someone using that? We would love to use it for tracking technicians time. We need it to export the times somehow and import into billing software. And when billing customers i need to show them the tickets the technicians worked on.

    How are others doing that?

  • Is there any documantation - i can't find anything.

  • I also need more information about this module

    For Jens.hagel

    • Work Orders Only displays if the Kaseya Billing Service is installed.

    • Service Desk Tickets                     Only displays if Kaseya Service Desk 1.3 or later is


    Also you can export the following 2 Time Tracking modules to HTML and Excel

    • Timesheet Entries

    • Timesheet Summaries

    If someone is using this Module I would like to know how and what for.