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Recommendation on how to alert when our Kaseya server is down?

  • Howdy,

    We currently use our Kaseya server to get alerted when existing servers/networks are down.  What would you recommend we use to be alerted when the Kaseya server itself is down?


  • We use WhatsupGold, pointed to an external SMTP server instead of the local Exchange server. We also monitor our Exchange server through this as all Kaseya alerts use our Exchange server, so if Exchange is down we would never get an alert.


  • You could also go to a Kaseya SaaS provider, load their kaseya agent up on your server, and have their Kaseya send you alert. (Note: Do a little research on having multiple agents on your K server. I know you can have multiple agents on a machine, but not sure about a K server. Phone the team at Kaseya helpldesk perhaps).

    Kaseya has a list of SaaS providers here: www.kaseya.com/.../saas-partners.aspx

    The other cool thing you can do with this is jump in to their K server and start exporting their scripts if they have anything worthwhile.



  • Hi Coldfirex,

    I've got your answer!

    Setting up your own system to monitor your Kserver is more work than it needs to be and often you'll rely on the same network, DNS, power grid, SMTP server, or share other points of failure.  

    We built out a service specifically for this situation.  You can signup at upserver.org, we have a 2 week free trial and if you put "community" as the referrer when you signup we'll drop the monthly cost to $6.95/month (you won't see the change at signup but we'll change it before the free trial ends). Cancel anytime, 200% money back guarantee, and we're really good at it.

    Thanks for listening, clearly this is a shameless plug, but at least it is on topic.




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  • I'm tinkering with building a monitoring VSA.  In other words, just building a whole VSA instance that relays email notifications through something that's hosted.  On this VSA, you would have an agent that is preferably on a different box/network/site (etc) that monitors your production KServer.  And then your production KServer could monitor your monitoring agent on the other VSA.

  • We use PRTG, a very nice and easy to use monitoring tool.  I'm a big fan of that software.   There's a free limited-node version that would probably do what you want, but we use a commercial version (it's not expensive) to monitor a whole whack of stuff Kaseya doesn't handle easily.


  • i use http://mon.itor.us/ it seems like it may just be a basic ping test but it does the trick for free.

  • we use binarycanary.com which seems quite reliable

  • I use this product:


  • Nagios... it is free and highly customizable.

  • Pay for KITS on some of your Key servers. As part of it KITS puts their agent on your servers and will give you a wide variety of choice for notifications including cascading alerting. The other good thing is they login and verify that the alert is real before beginning the cascade.