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PacketTrap and Kaseya - Conflict?

  • Before we bagan deploying Kaseya, we had PacketTrap deployed to all our client servers. Once we started deploying Kaseya there seems to have been some conflict between the two applications.

    Has anyone else had any experience with PacketTrap and Kaseya fighting each other?

    We just had a server go down and after looking at the event log it looks like PacketTrap restarted its service and then Kaseya restarted its service, each multiple times, and then "The system failed unexpectedly" and rebooted itself midday.

  • I personally haven't heard of it at all, that sounds really strange.

  • you don't have the kaseya network driver installed? I can imagine this driver conflicts with packettrap or something....

  • Not on these servers.

  • I have NO experience with Packettrap but I'd check the logs. I know that Kaseya will generate a log on everything it does. check in System > logs    and Agent logs, as well as any procedure logs as well. Are you using KES on this server? It could be the two fighting for resources during an audit or something.