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2008 Upgrade: Moderately Successful

  • We finally took the plunge last Friday, and so far... so good. Some notes are in order, however:

    • Audits: Make sure you deschedule the daily audits before running the upgrade. That way you don't get caught with the "all agents go offline" bug before getting a chance to...
    • Upgrade: Update
    • the KServer.exe and the Agent Installer package. It's probably a good idea to have these on hand before starting the upgrade installation, as a timesaver.
    • The Deed Itself: It took two tries; you'll want to be able to check the SQL server if the upgrade goes on too long, since there seems to be a problem where the database portion gets stuck in a loop. Reboot the K server, re-run the update installer and Bob's your uncle.
    • Backups: If you've been following along, you know about the backup directory and files renaming migration dance. Note that it may not work if clients' backup stores are tight on space. You'll probably end up ditching some orphaned backups. I'm not any happier about it than you are, I assure you.
    • Backups, Offsite: The preceding means that offsites could be
    • really out of whack. You've been warned.

    All in all, though, things seem to be working moderately well... and I'm glad to finally be able to enjoy some of the new features. If you've been waiting and wondering, you may want to ready yourself for the plunge.

    It'd be nice if Kaseya would provide an updated upgrade installer, though, so you don't have to run off and manually update the KServer and agent installer... ahem, ahem.

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  • Thanks for the review, GreyDuck. We're still holding off but I plan to do the upgrade when they release the announced Kaseya 2008 SP1 in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, that will ensure I get all of the hotfixes at once. You've got some good pointers here - I'll heed your advice.

    Thanks again,


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  • No problem, Michael. I figured I could add a few data points to the discussion and show that it's nowhere near as catastrophic a move as it was when 5.0 was originally released.

    Which isn't to say that we're having no problems at all... (I'm looking at you, KES Lan Update - Lan Sync $xxxxxxx script flooding on patch source servers. Argh.)

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  • Greyduck,

    thanks for taking the time to post your experience and the tips. I wanted to see if i could get clarification on something.

    Are you recommending that the kserver.exe file be replaced before starting the upgrade process?

    And, the problem you mentioned about the SQL update portion getting stuck in a loop; did that happen to you despite having replaced the kserver.exe file, or is replacing that file what fixed it for you and let the 2nd attempt work?

    Thanks for your help. I tried a 2008 upgrade once already; crashed and burned, restored database and system state to get back up and running a couple of months ago.

    - Aaron

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  • Huh, I really did leave that a bit vague, didn't I?

    To clarify: You should have the updated KServer.exe (and instructions from the KB) handy before you start, so you can replace it soon after the actual 2008 upgrade process is complete. I wouldn't at all recommend replacing the KServer.exe before or during the initial upgrade, and I apologize for giving that impression!

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  • Thanks for the clarification! I'll likely be taking the plunge...again....this weekend.

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