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Kaseya Database provide data for Reports...

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I played with Kaseya and enjoying, I would be use in the future but I confused on some topics, I want to create some reports basis on the kaseya database. Can Kaseya provide these data for any device or agent..

1.       Successful AV sig updates

2.       Successful scans

3.       Total virus caught for a period

4.       Patch Score

5.       Defrag Score

6.       Disk cleanup score

7.       The average  of uptime

8.       Hardware inventory report

9.       Software inventory report(License management)

10.   Backup and disaster recovery

11.   Aries security alert

I want to use Kaseya for reporting,Please help me…






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  • Yes Kaseya can do all of the above (not sure about Aries as I have no idea what it is but if its a Windows app the answer is probably Yes)

    A good starting point is the executive summary report as it covers a lot of what you are looking for straight out of the box.

  • Durgesh,

    do you have someone on staff or maybe yourself any talent with MS reporting services? if so any APP that you buy like Crystal can pull from the database and gen any report you like any way you like. If you don't have the talent I'd recommend sticking to the Can'd reports provided. We've on occasion paid for a guy to just create us a Nice report in reporting service that we can use filters and such to generate some really nice reports that expand past Kaseya's can'd reports. But I do know from listening to him complain about their database is that their tables are a mess (his words not mine, I can't tell the difference). In my opinion the can'd reports are nice for quickies but if you're looking for that exec level report drafted up nice and pretty, Get someone to build you a report.

  • @Peter Stevens,

    Thank you for your valuable response. "Aries security alert", any notification for security alert like virus caught etc. Can Kaseya provides these kind of information.

    Can you are provide me some more detailed information on the kaseya database?

    Which tables stored these information(Name of tables)? like  which table stored "Successful AV sig updates", "Successful scans", "Total virus caught" records etc.

    I need table information regrading my query.



  • @Danrche

    Thank you,

    I needs table information in Kaseya database for these points, Can you provide me?

    Which tables stored these records?



  • We get information from three locations to handle this.  We've used SQL Reporting for a few years for this.

    1) Kaseya Views -  Not to be confused with views in the K user interface.  This is the standard DB interface that Kaseya wants you to use.  The SQL views bring together a few documented tables that you can create some basic reports from.  The views are limited.  I think you can start by looking under System -> Database Access.

    2) Kaseya Database or custom database views - Sometimes the views Kaseya provides are not enough so we've gone directly to the Kaseya tables.  Sometimes report directly off those or have created custom views so that they are still access with the same security as #1 above.  In my opinion, the tables aren't that bad, at least what I expected considering the rest of the technology with Kaseya.  You would need to go through each table to understand what you are looking for.  Risk with this is that they may change without notice.

    3) We also gather information from scripts and write that into our own tables so that we can report through SQL Reporting.  We find Kaseya doesn't always get everything and doesn't always save it in the most useable ways.

    Moral of the tale, get to know SQL Reporting and the Kaseya database.