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WinVNC or VNC 600x480 screen only, and crashes first time every time, then success next time

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My engineers and I are finding that WinVNC works fine.  It is just that you only have one size screen.  Is this a restriction Kaseya have built into it?  I am not sure of the 600x480 but it looks about that size.  If you choose full screen in the connection type before or after you connect it will go full screen but the window of the remote connection remains the same.  

It works fine but is that size.

the connection is the other part of it.  We have never had a problem with using it.  You click on the flashing VNC tab at the bottom of your screen.  You have to expect that clicking on that flashing tab every time about 80% of the time comes up with "Connection closed unexpectedly".  

Within a minute it comes up with the perfectly good working window.

Is this how everyone is experiencing WinVNC? I have experimented with KVNC and it seems the same. 

This is normal right? 

At the recent conference they mentioned there is a whole new remote control coming out, so I guess we wait? Or is there something I can do in the meantime?


Thanks in advance for any thoughts.


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  • Using VNC, I've always had the screen go to the current resolution of the client machine.

    The only time I've seen VNC sessions crashing on a regular basis is if the machine is not on a domain, just after you log in, you loose the connection.  This is caused by fast user switching feature of windows that allows multiple users to be logged in.  I'd try disabling that first.

  • Hey ispire,

    Mostly we deal with domain based computers if that helps any.  For us , the VNC screen is the same size for all computers.  Full screen is never any option either.  Going full screen only leaves a small window in the middle

  • There is a manual update download from Kaseya for VNC that will correct the problem you are having with "Connection closed unexpectedly".  As far as the VNC window size simply change the resolution on the desktop you are controlling to adjust your window.