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XP-VNC to Vista-KVNC connection problem

  • From an XP machine, using VNC to connect to a Vista KVNC machine, it takes a long time for the connection attempt.

    The XP machine states the connection is made to the Vista machine, but there is no screen. The Vista machine shows nothing.

    Uninstalled, reinstalled. Finally got a remote session to the Vista machine and confirmed the firewall was off. VERY SLOW CONNECTION.

    Then, on the Vista machine, via the remote session I already had, I attempted to allow the user to connect to their PC in their office. All attempts failed as displayed on the Vista machine.

    Any ideas on this?

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  • This could be an issue of K-VNC which is used by the Vista box and VNC used by the XP box. The first time to Vista box is always a wait. Subsequent connections are quicker. In the Kaseya 2008 release you will be able to use K-VNC on any machine.

    Remote control from the Vista box, make sure you are running the browser as the Administrator. Otherwise nothing will connect.

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