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Kaseya VSA 9.5.5 - Feedback

  • I just saw that VSA 9.5.5 is available - https://helpdesk.kaseya.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360019054377-9-5-5-Feature-Release-10-April-2021-

    Has anybody installed this On Premise yet?  Any feedback on it or issues? 

    Added VSA to Subject line
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  • We installed it this AM ... So far no "show-stopping" glitches.

    The only issue we have found so far - Cannot delete service desk tickets (if you use Service Desk).

    Everything else we have tried so far works ...

  • I updated 9.5.5 on Apr 16th and no issue as yet. It fixed few KCB (cloud backup) issues.

  • I've had two issues.

    1) We had some custom menu items that we added years ago through the harvester process.  They no longer show up.  Trying to get dev information on the vsaz process for uploading custom files.  I suspect ver few people will be in this situation.

    2) More critical, we can no longer expand any of the access rights for user roles with in the initial view only screen or if you go to edit user role access.  I can see and assign users to a role and the past settings seem to still be there but can't see or edit them.

  • I am not able to delete servicedesk tickets after installing 9.5.5

    Is this a known issue?