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Is anyone using BitDefender with Kaseya? Evaluating and it isn't going well.

  • We've used AVG and Kaspersky through Kaseya.  Now that both of those have been abandoned, we are reviewing BitDefender.  We were provided a trial license and install the plugin for Kaseya.  BItDefender itself seems to be fine, Kaseya integration appears to be simply unreliable and limited.  We were able to install 2 agents then nothing.  Some companies still not syncing after repeated support calls.  BitDefender staff have been responsive but are stuck because it is completely unclear who wrote or supports the plugin.  I get the feeling it was hacked together by someone who has moved on to something else or simply to busy to add anything to it.

    - Some companies simply will not sync. No idea why
    - When a package is created it is done by machine group or organization so you appear to have no ability to say i want to have a different type of install for a server versus a workstation for a specific customer.
    - Go to install and agent and nothing happens.
    - No ability to rename organizations or reset them.  In some cases have to add a prefix for an organization so that the name is different between the two systems.
    - 95% of what you would do on a daily basis is from with BitDefender Gravity Zone which has no linkage between user accounts with Kaseya.

    So I'm wondering if anyone else has been successful with using BitDefender through Kaseya.  I'm getting the feeling we would be better off purchasing it separate and keeping it separate from Kaseya.  One step closer to just walking away from Kaseya.

  • Thank you for posting this.

  • We use Webroot with the Kaseya Webroot module and set to auto install webroot when an agent checks in.  The alarms, alerts and the automation works well and is simplified for us.

  • Just a quick question , where does it say that kaspersky is being abandoned ?