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User role and access to Initial Update

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I've created a User Role for my team that limits some of the things they can access within VSA, nothing unusual with that.  What I'm running into that is odd is that nobody in that role can schedule an Initial Update in Patch Management.  They can access the page within VSA but the option to schedule the initial update is missing.

For the role itself in the Page Management section I removed access to:

  • Patch Policy > Create/Delete
  • Patch Policy > Approval by Policy
  • Patch Policy > Approval by Patch
  • Patch Policy > KB Override
  • Configure > all of the options

Other than that they have access to everything else in Patch Management.  So I'm pretty mystified on why they can't schedule, the button itself is missing on the Initial Update page.

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  • I had to open a ticket but I got my answer in case anyone is searching the forums for the same issue.

    Check the 'Enable Scheduling option' under System and that will enable the scheduling option.