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Kaseya Version 9.5.3

  • Hi,

    Would you be able to tell me when the latest version of Kaseya 9.5.3 is going to be available for on-prem customers?



  • Would be nice to know.  Also does this require an agent update?

  • I have had a look at the SaaS version we have and this is showing the agent with .20 so I would assume like all other updates that Kaseya bring out that the agent needs an update aswell.

  • We are currently on .20 with our on prem so maybe not.  Thanks for checking.  They usually have it explicitly in the release notes, but I didn't see anything in there.

  • If our scaled deployment to certain servers report no issues, we will upgrade our VSA SaaS customers this coming weekend and ONP would be released the following week.

  • Oscar, will this update address the issue with using 2FA with LiveConnect?

  • Hi Oscar,

    Thanks for the update, would you be able to let use know through this post when it has been released to on-prem customers.



  • Will it fix 2FA for SaaS in general? Hasn't ever worked correctly for any of us.

    Asks for 2FA even if the remember checkbox is selected, every single time.

  • Of course.

  • Hi All,

    Just quick update, I logged into the SaaS environment and had to update the Live Connect on my endpoint.

    The copy and paste feature works a treat.

    But the only issue is that Kaseya hasn't resolved the issue where if 2 people are connected and the last person to copy something will paste onto my endpoint.  does kaseya have any reasoning as to why they are not resolving this security flaw?



  • I brought up the clipboard bug after. security issue many years ago. After about a month of going back and forth with support (the time mostly just proving the bug existed) Support finally came back and said "This is by design".

    I really doubt will acknowledge it is a bug, much less a security flaw, but I do look forward to his reply.

  • Hey community,

    To my knowledge this was corrected in 952 (Listed in Release notes):


    Remote Control

    Enhanced using of the shared clipboard on multiple Remote Control sessions, now once any remote session is closed clipboards cleared.

  • Has the release date for On-prem been changed from the 13th to a new date?

  • Oscar said on the DISCORD:

    Update on 9.5.3 for ONP:

    We are making some changes to the ONP release.  It has been rescheduled for Monday 1/18/21

    9.5.3 has been deployed to all SaaS Servers Successfully