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Alarm Clean up

  • Hello all,

    I am trying to get a grip on the alarm section of the VSA.

    So in alarm summary I have many alarms of free disk space under 1gb. They are primarily for E drive/ Recovery partitions that I would like to ignore.

    Message:  Monitoring generated Counter ALARM at 10:13:26 am 9-Sep-20 on COMPUTER

    SNMP Device: N/A
    Monitor Set: Windows (Core) - Free Disk Space on Any Drive Below 1GB
    Type: Counter
    Log Object Name: LogicalDisk::Free Megabytes Free Megabytes E:
    Agent Alarm Time: 10:13:26 am 9-Sep-20
    Event Time: 4:13:26 pm 9-Sep-20 UTC
    Log Value: 44
    Alarm Operator: Under
    Alarm Threshold: 1024 Free Megabytes
    Alarm Duration: 1 Hour(s)
    Ticket ID: no ticket assigned

    I can not tell what is generating this alarm and how to have it ignore these recovery partition that never change.

    Any help would be much appreciated

  • You're asking the agent to alert you for ANY drive with less than 1GB of free space. This monitor is likely applied at a global level. This is a sample monitor and specifically what not to do when creating monitors. You need to create better monitors if you want to use agent-based disk monitors, and then either manually apply them based on disk size or create some level of automation to do that for you.

    Our RMM Suite for VSA does not use agent monitors for disk space, as this results in a "one size fits none" situation like what you're experiencing. We built several applications that we call "Smart Monitors" - for disk space, it identifies every disk volume (not just drives), eliminates those that are not fixed or user-accessible, contain key words in the volume label (like "recovery") or are smaller than a minimum size. We then create a custom threshold for each volume. When the threshold is crossed, the monitor evaluates the severity, can suppress the alarm for up to 48 hours while it performs intensive cleanup of all temp folder locations to try to self-remediate the situation. We even can intelligently ignore the temporary volumes mapped by many backup solutions that would otherwise generate alerts for disks that aren't there in the morning when you review the ticket! This process is repeated hourly, and - once daily - the "rate of use" is calculated and projected out 30 days into the future, potentially providing a warning alert long before a low-space alarm is issued.