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share column sets from Agent view?

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I can share custom Views, but does anyone know if there's a way to share Column Sets that I have configured on the "Agent" tab?

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  • I’d like to know if there is a way to do that one as well

  • I had been asking that question for 2 years without a positive outcome. On the SAS version it is not possible.

  • As far as I know, it's not possible.

    It could be a nice feature, even if it implies IMPORT/EXPORT like APs.

    You could post within features requests.

    But as says, good luck with that...

  • With a bit of creativity, this is absolutely possible! We have a tool for our MSP clients that can do this on all platforms (SAAS / On-Prem) - sort of. It doesn't share or technically export/import, but does create one or more col-sets from a data file and is run per-user to accomplish the same net effect in a few seconds.

  • FYI - we'll be releasing this tool in the coming week. Just went through pre-release testing this morning. A pair of command-line tools to Get or Set the column sets.

    I ran the GET tool - it prompted for my credentials and MFA code, logged in, found and extracted ALL of my column sets and created a config file before logging off. Total time was under 30 seconds. My dev engineer took the config file, ran the SET command. It prompted for his creds, logged in and created all of the column sets and logged out. We were able to edit the config file between passes to change a col-set name and remove a column, so it will be easy to modify the col-set package for sharing.

    Look for a release notice on our home page later in the week.

  • I also would like to share column sets from the "Managed Agent" function.

    This currently isn't possible, but you can actually share column sets from Audit > View Group Data > Configure column sets.

  • Hi ,

    Do you manage to get the "GET/SET" tool working for sharing "Column Sets"?