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2FA Requirement 31 Dec 2019

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So my organization was unaware of the 2FA requirement that was coming for VSA.  We have been using Okta for SSO with our VSA SaaS and I expect that this new 2FA requirement is going to cause a problem... anyone else in this situation and have you come up with a work around? 

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  • Same.  The login says that 2FA will be enabled for everyone starting Dec. 31st.  I still have the option to skip.  Has this been enforced for anyone else?

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  • Looks like it will stop allowing "skip" once you setup the 2FA for an account.

  • Hey Guys,

    2FA Requirement For VSA SaaS

    Please be informed that as of January 11, 2020, Two-Factor Authentication (2fa) will be enforced on all VSA SaaS user logins.

    On-premise customers will not be affected by this. In addition, access to the API will also not be affected.


    To provide the latest update regarding 2FA and SaaS, we have a KB article with references.  I recommend to review the KB article as it has technical materials around the new 2FA functionality