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Delete files from VSAPatchFiles??

  • We aren't low on disk space yet, but I notice this folder is pretty big and has patches in it from 2007. Is it ok to just delete these old files? 

  • Ehm, interestingly enough that folder is completely empty for us and we're currently on 9.5.

    We did a fresh start last year on a new set of 9.4 servers, migrating our data to the new install. So, it would seem that folder isn't currently in use and sounds like some leftover of an older type of VSA patch process. Can others on 9.5 confirm that?

  • Corey- I looked at test file system layouts we use from 9.4 and the latest of 9.5, and this directory is simply not found. This leads me to believe it is a legacy directory left behind (from when I cannot yet say at present). All of this leads me to believe that this directory is legacy and no longer used. This hypothesis is commensurate with what Eric has seen in his production environment. Without further inquiry, I cannot say with 100% certainty there is zero risk in deleting them. You may choose to temporarily archive the files, delete the directory on your production server, and verifying all is well based on what we know so far. There is some risk in that, but it doesn't seem extraordinarily high. I hope this was at least helpful to share what we know/don't know at the moment.

  • Thanks guys.  It is odd.  It is downloading new patch files. It has this month cumulative update, the preview, and the removal tool kb's in there.  But i also have a few issues with some agents not updating and are still using the 9.4 agent.  So it sitll could be using it.  

    Thanks for your help