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"Bulk" changing of view permissions on views.

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The short story is everyone was a master and could see everything and I am in the middle of creating an actual permissions structure. I removed just about everyone from Master / Master rights but of course they can't see certain views.  This one particular permission group I am making needs to see all our view. 

Does any know of a way to change view permissions to allow this group to see all views? 

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  • I need the answer to this also.  I have added a number of permissions groups and I need to update 675+ views with the new groups while maintaining the other groups that already have permissions to the views.

  • PLEASE!! Go to https://helpdesk.kaseya.com/hc/en-gb/community/posts/115000361751-Bulk-Edit-Views- and up-vote this as a feature request. If  you search, please update the request with the highest number of votes.

    This capability is sorely missing - both the ability to mass delete or mass share is hugely important to any platform with more than a dozen views. We provide over 400 views with our VSA package and this is a major PITA to administer. There's also a bug where permissions aren't imported when you import a view, even when exported from the same system you're importing to. That, at least, is with engineering at this time, but your voices help get these "feature requests" implemented.