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Setup Windows Storage Server as SAN Storage

  • Hello Team,

    we want to setup a Windows Storage Server 2016 with FibreChannel and 2 Shelfs as SAN Storage https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/storageserver/2016/10/14/announcing-windows-storage-server-2016/ | EMC SAN Storage  .

    We need this to connect the Blades at the Storage.

    Blades all have installed FC HBAs, but Windows only provide iSCSI Initiators for LUN but not for FibreChannel.

    Is there a solution, or should we use an other software as filer (FreeNas, Nexenta, OpenFiler)?

    Help me on this thanks!


  • Windows Storage Server 2016 storage solutions will be hitting the market before the end of the year and they are going to have some of the best price to performance ratios available for any storage solution on the market.


    Tutuapp 9Apps Aptoide

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  • Thanks for sharing this stuff.

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  • OpenFiler and FreeNAS are the most commonly used distributions. But I would use UnRAID or OpenMediaVault. If I ever studied to become a school sysadmin, I wouldn't bother with SAN.