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Questions regarding Webroot.

  • At this time we have started evaluation Webroot as an alternative to KES for our customers.  We manage about 1300 endpoints, (servers, desktops and laptops) across 63 different companies.  I have been reviewing the documentation on Webroot but wanted to see how others are using it.  Are you using the Kaseya plug-in for management?  Do you have different companies/organizations just broken down into groups in one console or do you have multiple consoles for different companies? (this would be in the Webroot console)  How reliable is it?  Could it replace both AV and Anti-Malware?

    Thanks for the help in advance!


  • We use it, we have the Kaseya plugin installed for it but aren't using it yet.  Our only real complaint is that its licensing is very sensitive and easily duplicates agent (I think for hardware changes) and also if you upgrade the OS, so you have to watch it or you'll be charged multiple times for one computer.

  • We use it as well.  Their stance is that it's a complete solution for AV and Anti-Malware.  We have clients broken out into different clients in the GSM.

    In the Webroot GSM you will get a key for each client, if you invoke the install using the key the systems will end up in their respective client groups.

    You'll need to make sure servers land in the correct server policy and there is not a super reliable way I've found to make that happen (Can't associate a policy when installing only a client and group) so my install routines notify me if there is a server install and we make sure it gets under the correct policy.

    It's also possible to silently script an install for Macs as well and setup audit scripts to make sure Webroot is running and hasn't been uninstalled.  Macs are not fully supported in the GSM so you get more limited information on those devices and more limited commands you can send them.

    Default Poll interval (Think check in time) to check for commands can be pretty long so you will want to reduce it in your policy that you associate with your endpoints.  You can also issue a wrsa -poll to pull pending commands scheduled in the GSM immediately from the endpoint.

    Keep in mind that identity shield will break some card readers on POS machines so if you support any of those you will need to likely do a separate policy to turn that off.

    One other thing is systems that have a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Windows 10 may bluescreen when the user types, there is a fix for this as well that their support can get you.  (Random right?!)

    I have the GI Webroot plugin on my list to check out but looking at other folk's reviews it didn't seem totally ready yet.

  • Have you looked at Trend Micro?

  • Also curious about webroot, we're currently on Trend Micro and there are definite pros and cons... Lgorman, What Trend Micro platform are you utilizing and what are your thoughts? Salvatore, what AV solution were you using before?

  • Sorry for the delay in this.  After reviewing everything we have decided to move forward with Webroot.  Like bctirado mentioned there is much you can do and configure with it.  We have 50 customers we are starting to migrate over.  

    One nice thing is that Webroot can be installed onto a system that has another AV/ AM solution installed and won't cause issues.  It allows for maximum protection of systems while in the middle of changing.  

    You can create multiple sites in the portal for organization and then groups within the sites.  Each site has its own keycode for install that will put a system into that site.  The install procedure can be run through Kaseya pretty nicely.