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Critical Patch Scheduled for Thursday

  • We have discovered a scheduling issue affecting Perfmon Counter Monitoring.  We are targeting a critical patch release for Thursday this week that will resolve the issue.  Please plan your updates accordingly.  We will update this thread with additional details as available.

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  • can you please advice whether is this a security/vulnerability related patch or application related patch?

  • If it's related to performance counters, it probably has nothing to do with security. Think more like... you are possibly not getting alerts for things you should be getting.

  • @chamara - this is not a Security/Vulnerability patch, it's app related.  We discovered a hard coded date that will affect the Perfmon Counter.  We need to change to a variable before it impacts anyone.  

  • Thanks for getting this out there.

    Does it mean this bug will impact counters starting on Friday or is there more time to plan an update?

  • I was told that the date is 12/12/2015 - a tiny time window - but still better than not knowing at all!!!!

  • Does this affect only R9.2? Or is this also an issue on older releases?

  • Need to know if this affects 9.1

  • This appears to be an issue affecting as far back as R8 and perhaps further.  It's a call to a Lua script that schedules the Agent Procedure to activate the Monitor Set.  The call itself is on an include page, and the date is indeed hard-coded to 12/12/2015 as the "To" date.  My guess is that the fix should be relatively straightforward for Dev (i.e. choose another date further in the future), but then again I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night Smile

  • You patching the 11th or the day of the 12th?  If the 12th no DMV Happy hour for you!

  • Is there word on whether this patch will be ready today?

  • Any update?  Due to critical operations we need to get this patched tonight...or the next window will be after the 12th which puts monitoring at risk.

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    The patch is still being verified and tested. We will provide further updates as it becomes available.

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  • The patch to address the Monitor date issue been released for the following versions of the VSA:

    • 9.2 (patch

    • 9.1 (patch

    • R9 (patch

    • R8 (patch

    • R7 (patch

    • 6.5 (

    QA is completing the testing of the 6.3 patch and will release as soon as it passes QA.

    Note:  VSA 6.3 uses the old “hotfix” method of patch installation and does not support the installation of patches through kinstall.  The patch for 6.3 will require manual installation.  Instructions for accessing and installing the patch will be made available once the patch is posted.

    For those following the Outbound Email issue affecting 9.2, that is also addressed in patch  More information on the Outbound Email issue is available in the KB article here:  kaseya.zendesk.com/.../98304887

    This thread will be updated as additional information becomes available.

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  • The patch for 9.20 cannot be installed.  When I come to the Çongratulations screen - last step,  then clicking next cancels the installation ??  Tried all button in case of a dev problem...  Not working guys !!