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R9.2 - Outbound email disables itself randomly

  • We have uncovered an issue with outbound email disabling randomly.  The fix is prioritized and underway.  If you believe this may be impacting you, please open a support ticket so we can keep you officially apprised. KB article referenced below.


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  • Thanks Tracy, I appreciate the heads up!

  • Thanks for the info.

  • Thank you.

  • I've had this happen once. will raise a ticket.

  • I've heard from Maximo (Kaseya Support) that this is also affecting R9.1, can someone confirm this?

  • I've seen this on 9,2 once and we enabled it again yesterday.

    It's still active, but will look for the fix...

  • All,

    The Development team has identified the root cause of this issue and patches are slated to be released. will address the outbound email issue and will address some additional background issues related to the same underlying cause.  More information can be found in the KB article here:  kaseya.zendesk.com/.../98304887

    Administrators of On-Premise systems are encouraged to update to each of these patches as soon as feasible after release.  Follow this RSS Feed, email subscribe to the Patch Releases discussion forum, or visit the 9.2 Patch Release Notes documentation to stay apprised of new patch releases.

    This issue is present only in the 9.2 version of the VSA.

  • I've been advised by my account Rep that should be released today (Thu 12th Dec)...

    I have not seen anything being made available so far:

    My guess: the release will be done on a US end of business time... but which timezone ?

  • ,

    Your best bet is to subscribe to the RSS feed - you'll get an automatic notification once the Release Notes are updated.  

  • Any chance the RSS feed can be sorted newest to oldest (reverse date order); all my RSS readers show me only the oldest information, since your sort order is incorrect.....

  • Craig Hart
    sorted newest to oldest (reverse date order); all my RSS readers show me only the oldest information, since your sort order is incorrect....

    I'm using Digg Reader and it's sorting by the date posted:

    I'm just happy there's a RSS feed Big Smile

  • Any update on the fix?


    We have adjusted the RSS Feed.


    As per _ comment, and will fix this issue entirely.

    We will update the thread when we have more information on the availability.

  • The patch to address the Outbound Email issue been released for the following VSA 9.2.  As noted above, only the 9.2 version of the VSA is affected.  Review additional information in the KB article here:  kaseya.zendesk.com/.../98304887

    The patch also addresses the Monitor date issue.  See more information in the relevant thread here:  community.kaseya.com/.../99294.aspx