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What's New in Kaseya VSA R9.2 in 7 minutes or less!

  • Hey everyone, if you'd like a quick introduction to what's new in R9.2 I've got just the video for you!

     Thoughts? Questions? We'd love to hear them.

    -Mike Racine

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  • This is good, please do more of these in the future.

  • Thanks, good and short summary. Looking forward to release!

  • This is great, Please do more of these for each release so that we can get our staff to watch them too.

  • It's already been said multiple times - but this is great!

  • "Based on overwhelming customer feedback, Kaseya is re-introducing support for RDP..."   <--------- JUSTICE!  This is certainly refreshing.  What a difference from last year with all of the negativity and ignoring of customer input.  It takes serious leadership to make a 180º change and do what is right.

  • Great succint summary.  Thanks.

  • Please do these for every release!