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Workstation Backup/Recovery

  • Hi Everyone. I am looking for some opinions on what solution you've used or are using for workstation backups/recovery. We were previously using RollbackRx and was using the Agent Procedures to manage it, we have since moved away from that due to compatibility issues with the newer version of RollBackRx. 

    I'm curious to know what type of solutions you are using. Whether it is something built in to Kaseya or something you use Kaseya to manage. We are debating between justing backing up documents/profiles and a full imaging solution, or a mix of the two like Acronis.

    Any opinions, positive or negative, is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  • You can't mix Imaging and Deployment with Backup and Recovery.

    It is either one or the other.

    To answer the backup question both StorageCraft and Acronis are great products for what you want.

    In Kaseya, Acronis scheduling is more Agent Procedure driven while StorageCraft is more profile driven on the local endpoint.

    It all depends on what brand name you or your clients prefer. To be honest the built in portion is Key, however if it does have a CLI interface I don't see why you cannot use those 3rd party either. It would just make reporting/status checks a bit more difficult to look at since you would need to rely on daily reporting from the AP logs to see the results.

    This is why integrated is always better.

    But to feed your curiosity, we currently use Acronis.

  • We use the Kaseya Shadowcraft module (KSBR) but, as is sometimes the case, the module is a minimal bare bones offering and leaves much to be desired. The Shadowcraft product is scriptable, though, and I think it would be relatively straightforward to extend options and result monitoring with Agent Procedures and vbscript. It's on my list to look at more closely, one of these days.

  • the main question/issue we are trying to solve is, if a workstation crashes (for any reason at all), what is the quickest way that we can get that user back to doing his/her job?

    the only thing i added to the question is how do we manage it all. as you both mentioned the built in Kaseya module is a huge factor.

  • Hi ndaddona - I keep a spare workstation available at our various divisions. Should a user workstation go down it's a simple matter to get them going on the spare while we resolve the issue with their machine. What works for us may not work for you, however.

  • Hi

    Currently, I am using CloudBacko backup and recovery  software and i am totally satisfied with the service.

    It is very easy and reliable to use. Try it one time and experience the benefits.