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Anyone Running Kaseya 7.0 Have Any Thoughts?

  • With the release date passed, I'm a little surprised to see nothing on the forums from some of the brave early adopters that performed the update over the weekend.  I am still waiting on the download link after registering this weekend but i'm eagerly waiting to hear what the consensus is on 7.0 and whether or not Kaseya's new release helps or hurts their mission to continue building our trust. 

    For those who have updated, here are a few things i'm curious about:

    •  Any noticeable speed or performance improvements in the general VSA console? Some comments with 6.5 mentioned things were a bit snappier after updating and I noticed this myself.  Have they continued making improvements in this area?
    • Any obvious stability improvements since 6.5?
    • What are your thoughts on Kaseya's new Java based Firewall and do you see any benefits(or potential complications) for its addition?
    • Does KRC live up to the hype, work well AND consistently enough to be a full replacement for all the protocols they dropped in this release? 
    • Any MDM users want to comment on whether Kaseya's MDM solution is finally stable and useful enough to be ready for primetime and compete with the other MDM solutions that are currently dominating the Mobile Management arena?
    • What are the known bug fixes that have the biggest impact on your business?
    • Any complications experienced during installing/upgrading VSA 7.0?
    • Any new features/functions in this release that, although good on paper, you feel Kaseya missed their mark with execution?

    If anyone else has more questions feel free to continue adding them, my hope is that this can become an ongoing source of thoughts and experiences on the 7.0 release as more and more partners upgrade over the coming weeks and months. 

    Thanks Everyone!

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  • We would like to know this as well.  We haven't requested our download think as of yet.  We are waiting a week or two to see how functional / stable it is.

  • We, the product managers and product marketers at Kaseya, are eager for this detailed feedback as well.

    Meanwhile, I leave you with few quotes from the beta program for 7.0 release. I agree these are not specific answers to the detailed questions but I think they summarize our beta customers experience with the 7.0 release

    “Kaseya’s Remote Control module is the fastest and most comprehensive remote that I have ever used. I’m able to connect nearly instantaneously. Kaseya has looked at every aspect of the remote desktop management workflow to shave those precious seconds off the time required to establish a session. I believe this solution will be a game-changer.”  

    - Paul Borginis, Managed Service Supervisor for the Mercadien Group

    “This release demonstrates Kaseya’s true understanding of its customers’ needs and the challenges they face. The continued enhancements to features and capabilities enable me to deliver better service to my customers while saving both time and money.”

    - Kerry DeVilbiss, IT Manager and Systems Engineer at Anchor Point IT Solutions

    "Kaseya continues to deliver on its commitment to simplify enterprise IT management. Version 7.0 of Kaseya’s product portfolio fully integrates key innovative technologies that further extend the vendor's leadership position in cloud-hosted endpoint management, enabling reliable, cost-effective, and easily supported IT deployments."

    - Steve Brasen, Managing Research Director at analyst firm, Enterprise Management Associates. "

  • Thank you for sharing that Varun.  Although the last two are rather unspecific, its encouraging to see some positive feedback from the beta program.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from more community members. :)

  • Hey Paul,

    We don't have 7.0 in production yet - but have been running the beta for almost a couple months now. Even within the beta cycle, there have been noticeable improvements from build to build, across the entire VSA. General impressions are:

    • Stability and performance continue to get better - take a look at the release notes and you can see there have been significant quantities of bug fixes - per the notes, looks to be a couple hundred, at least, across all modules and the core VSA.
    • Kaseya Remote Control does live up to the hype. The feature parity, as has been thoroughly discussed already, is not quite what we had in some of the deprecated RC products, but that's coming in October. Meanwhile, we are really excited to get platform equality between Mac and Windows - and KRC is fast. Really fast. In both the establishing of the connection and the connection itself. No more 'no-activex.exe' download shenanigans is so, so nice.
    • The application firewall opens up some interesting possibilities, I think time will tell how that shakes out. The new management seems very serious about security (good,) and that's increasingly obvious across the entire product (another example being agent procedure signing.) A single port for all agent communications is a solid move.
    • There are a lot of Policy Management fixes, we are heavy users of it, excited for additional stability there.
    • KNM integrated is going to have a big impact. It is known. There are vast improvements over KNM standalone and VSA SNMP monitoring. We have a migration from standalone to do and that's the only thing I'm a little worried about right now.
    • The new release cadence is pretty exciting to me (maybe I need to get out of my office more often.) Every few months we're going to get some cool new features. This is much more reassuring than the somewhat stagnant annual-ish release cycle of "old" Kaseya, which was usually accompanied by some broken promises about new features. 

    I'll try and bring some more notes to this thread after we get 7.0 release in development for a few days (and subsequently production.) Updating our dev server as I type this, hope to have production live within a couple/ few weeks (I think it feels more ready for primetime than the initial release of 6.5 did. Watching the forums closely for feedback from early adopters.) 



  • I plan on doing the upgrade tonight.  I'll let you know!

  • I've run the update, the update itself ran fine, it took considerbely more time than last time.

    After that I could not access the server other through the local console.

    Be warned ! install the 64 bit of Java manually, just going to www.java.com downloading java and after that letting the requirements wizard fix the rest will get you in to a problem.

    The helpdesk reacted within 15 minutes on my ticket and we are up and running fine now.

    I can safely say that the remote control is blazingly fast and also very fast to connect.

    As there are no zoom etcetera options yet be sure to have a large enough monitor with ample resolution.

    Also I found out that different from KVNC foreign keyboards are not translated automatically.

    We use US international, some of our belgium customers use the French totally different layout

    I hope there is a quick fix for that, or is it a feature to be developed yet ?

    Again, as with the switch from version 6.3 to 6.5 the whole system seems to be responding faster.

    All the other new features seem to work fine, but we still have to get to know them.


  • Can someone explain this a little better:

    This is from the release notes:


    Remote Control Technologies - x11VNC, tightVNC, WinVNC, RDP, PC Anywhere, RAdmin have all been removed in 7.0.

       The Remote Control > Select Type page has been removed. References to Select Type functionality on other pages of the Remote Control module have been removed.

       The Remote Control > Set Parameters page has been removed.


    If the "Select Type" page has been removed how to we select from using KVNC and the new Kaseya Remote Control ?

  • Hi Mcsnetworks.

    You click on the icon in front of the PC name to get the new Kaseya Remote Control

    If you click on the textline with the PCname in it you get KVNC



  • Many Thanks :)

  • Awesome feedback so far guys :)

    Glad to hear there were more speed improvements and that KRC is meeting or exceeding everyone's expectations!

  • I'm normally not an early adopter but I've had moving my Kaseya server off a hosted VPS and onto my own Hyper-V on my to do list for a while now so I figured I'd take an image of my server, throw it on my gear, test and if it wasn't broken, go live.

    Upgrading: The installer ran for quite a while, it finished but when I went to login I noticed that the login screen said 6.5 still. Logging in resulted in an ASP error page. I ran the installer again which also reported the VSA as 6.5. Let it run again and now I was able to login from the server. Things seemed fine here so I attempted to login from my PC. Couldn't get the page to load.

    I opened a ticket with Support. It took about 1.5 hours for them to call me back. The tech was already familiar with the issue. Despite port 80 being an entry in the Windows Firewall, a separate Port 80 rule had to be created to get things going. (If you want to wait for their help but not be down, just temporarily turn off the Windows Firewall and then it works)

    First, the new remote control has been awesome. They weren't kidding when they said connections in under 6 seconds. I've yet to see one take that long. I have not had any connections fail yet. I've probably tested connecting to 25 different machines multiple times. I've tested Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012, Windows 7 and OS X. All worked great. I'm looking forward to the future features they've talked about but this has already become my go to remote control. No more hopping into LogMeIn or waiting for VNC to start and display.

    I can't fairly speak about whether the VSA is faster because I changed hardware. For me it's a LOT faster but I've also given it access to more CPU and Memory than I than it had before.

    I have not gotten to test anything else yet. I'm very happy with this upgrade so far.

  • A small update, remote control has it's quirks.

    - In some cases the remote control app just will not launch, we have to switch browsers and then it will fire up again, switching back to the previous browser then suddenly also works.

    If the remote control app launches it will connect nearly all the time.

    - On some PCs the mouse can not be taken over

    - On some PCs the keyboard works for us but then no longer for the customer while we are connected.

    - On previously very slow connections the remote control speed is worse than before.

     Pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL and then waiting for 8 seconds before you get the screen repainted, the same thing when the system actually is logging in.

    Clicking on start again 8 seconds before the changed part of the screen is updated.

    Both KVNC and Teamviewer are faster in those cases.

    - Anybody with a reasonable internet connection is indeed very very fast.

    We are trying to put our finger on everything where we have the issue's and will create tickets for those.

    I wonder how large the test group was and if they tested slow connections.

  • evp thats interesting, your the first person i've heard that wasn't raving about the new KRC so im intrigued.  Im curious, how slow of an internet connection are we talking about where there is significant degradation?  Im sure we all would love if every client was on a blazing fast connection but sometimes thats not always the case, going forward id hope KRC can still serve its purpose even over slow, high latency connections without the need to fall back on the likes of Teamviewer Free anymore.

    The mouse/keyboard issues are also concerning so I look forward to hearing how those tickets turn out.  Overall though I must say that it seems like the consensus is that 7.0 is being better received, and more stable than 6.5 out of the gate.

  • : Please post back on this thread once you have an update on your support ticket resolutions