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Moderating Comments and Users on Discussion Forum

  • Hi,

    Some of the community members, especially the really active ones, are getting flagged for moderation following which their posts are kept in a moderation queue until an admin approves them individually.

    It seems like the platform that's driving the community site is flagging users for moderation based on some logic that I have not figured out yet. I have opened a support ticket with those folks to fix this issue. I will keep you all posted on the progress there.

    I just want to clarify that we have not and will not discourage feedback and criticisms on the discussion forums. Doing that will just defeat the purpose of having an open online discussion forum.

    Until the moderation feature is fixed, if your moderated post has not gone live within 24hrs, then send me a message here. I will get it fixed manually.



  • Thank for carrying on 's tradition of keeping this forum open & uncensored.

  • Thanks for taking the time to handle this issue.

  • Thank you, Varun. Your dedication to the spirit of this community is much appreciated.

  • Thanks!

  • I posted to the other sticky about MDM and it appears that I got moderated.

  • : You should be all set now

  • It's almost magic how you do that, Varun!  :-)

  • Just had a new post moderated over in the Remote Control forum :(

  • all set ...the magic is done ;)

  • Thanks Varun :)... Appreciate the quick response times :)  the new remote control isn't the only thing that fast around here

  • ....especially if the post is about first impressions of the new fast remote control feature ;)

  • Argh.. Made one edit in the post to correct some poor grammer, and it was re-moderated :)