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  • Hi All.

    The standard solutions package sounds interesting, i wouldnt mine taking a look.  I told K to download it for me (by pressing the nice green "install" button) but i get " FAILED TO DOWNLOAD/IMPORT THE NEW STANDARD SOLUTION PACKAGE"

    What are my options?  Can this be downloaded manually?  Where does it come from?  If I have an exact URL I can try to be sure its gets past my proxy etc.

    The 'do everything for me' approach is great, until it doesnt work.

  • sorry for the caps.  But its a straight copy/paste.  :-)

  • Hi Jamie,

    Are you able to get it working. Please update the resolution for the same as we are experiencing the same issue for one of our customers.

    I have raised a ticket but there is no resolution yet.

  • in the end, no.

    This was in the pilot phase of our Kaseya usage.  When we went to production we went to a new server and it works on that one.

    The trouble is that there is very little information on what its trying to download, from where, and specific errors to find/look for.  So it cant be tested/troubleshooted.

    A manual download would be idea.


  • I'm currently having the same issue in R9.2, has anybody that experienced this have a solution? I tried to reprocess button several times over several days without any luck, I don't see any logged information in the System log. Also no I haven't logged a ticket yet.

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    There is a flag that gets set in the database when the content pack downloads (or tries to).  Once this flag is 'thrown', no amount of reprocessing will clear the flag.  Rather, you have to clear the flag in the db and then rerun the wizard to download the content pack (run the wizard against another organization - create a dummy org if you want).  I'm not sure whether there are plans to change this behavior in the future, but for now, clearing the flag should do the trick.

    If you're on a cloud/hosted solution, you'll need to open a ticket so query can be run against your tenant.  If you're OnPremise, open a ticket - Support will either provide you with the info or will run the query on your behalf.