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6.2 Reports will use SQL2008 RDL Format

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Just been looking at the information on the 6.2 release which states:-

The embedded output formats have been redesigned using SQL Reporting Services 2008 report definition layouts (RDLs). The updated RDL layouts provide a clearer view of systems information and improved charts.

  1. Does this mean that we need the database to migrate to SQL 2008, or can we use SRS 2008 against a SQL 2005 database?
  2. Will 6.2 allow us to use our own RDL files and import these into the K2 Report Manager?

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  • Interesting Peter.  Where did you find this release?

  • Hi Alistair - The release sint available as yet. I just found the announcement on the products page www.kaseya.com/.../product-schedule.aspx

  • I remember sometime back when ConnectWise changed their system over to using SSRS.  They had a line in the sand where you had to install and configure SSRS on your DB or you would get no further updates.  But they didn't stipulate that you must have 2008, so 2005 worked ok IIRC.

    This would read to me that you will need to upgrade to 2008 to get this to work.  the questions are, what happens if you dont?  Is this a fundamental requirement for 6.2?  The benifits will  be huge though.  We will be able to customise the reports to look and behave exactly how I want.  I personally will be picking them apart and incorperating them into my already extensive SSRS reports that we already use.  So this is great stuff.

    Connectwise offer a method to incorporate your custom reports into the main application.  Essentially, its just a launching pad where you have dynamically add variables to the reports based on your inputs.  but it still just opens the reports in SSRS.  It would be very nice if Kaseya offered this so that all reports are run from Kaseya, custom or not.