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When will KOB (Kaseya Online Backup) be released

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Does anyone know how many more weeks it will be till KOB is released?
We have a heap of clients who we told would have it this month but then it got held back from release at the last second.
Wouldn't normally ask on the forums but each time I ask my Sales Rep she seems to ignore that part of my emails, which from past experience normally means she hasn't been told, so hoping one of the kaseya ppl's monitoring the forums might be able to shed some light. Not after a hard date to hold you to, just a rough idea like this month, next month, this quarter...

I know its in controlled release but I know how impossible it is to get on the controlled release even after someone has told you your on the list, but still you never get it.


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  • This is from the website. Though of course it doesn't provide much info:  1/31/11 Update: We have extended the Controlled Release period for a few weeks. Please refer back to this document for additional updates. Please contact Kaseya if you wish to participate in the Controlled Release program.

    If you are anxious for online backup I would also recommend using a synology diskstation.  It will essentially do the same thing for cheaper.