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  • I like what you've done with these forums:

    1.  Love the RSS feed.  I added it to my Google Reader so I can see the chatter every morning.

    2.  Profiles are a great addition.

    3.  The look and feel is very modern.

    A couple suggestions:

    1.  Add built-in @reply features.  This is a general convention on Twitter, Facebook, and lots of other "Web 2.0" (sorry, I really hate that term) sites.  When I reply in a thread I like to make it clear who I'm responding to so I can foster the conversation.

    2.  What about community moderation?  Or rankings?  I liked that on the old ones I was a "senior member."  Even though that was meaningless, it gave me incentive to use them more.


  • Thanks @jasonrdavis !  I look into #1.  That will probably take some code.

    In terms of #2, you get points for posts, comments, etc, we're working on making that reputation tracking more prominent so that people can know who the supreme masters are.  Moderation procedures are getting worked out as well.  Right now there are built in spam and vulgarity filters.  

    Also, you can now "follow" and/or "friend" a person.  This way when you come across someone who seems to have a good perspective, you can track their comments through the community so you never miss what they may say.  

  • Cool, thanks for the tip, @Brendan!  I'll follow some people and see how it goes.

  • We could already "friend" in the old forum.  Now I have to go and find everybody again :(

    The automatic email new threads to every thread read might be annoying and considered spamming.  looking for the off switch next... Edit: Done.

    Also, are any of the old conversations going to be ported over to the new forum?  

    Edit:  I would like the ability to change my default tab to forums, since that is where I'll spend most of my time.  When jumping  around, it slows me down by an extra click every time.

    The ability to view all of the Forums on one page would be nice as well.  Or if any of the above are already implemented, a pointer to where the changes are made would be helpful.

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  • @Red

    Mind sharing where you found that little "Spam Off Switch"? I looked for it earlier and had to give up as issues began hitting my desk.

    I also agree with making the Forums the default tab.

  • @Andy, it's under your account settings, options tab, scroll down to the email area.  I setup an RSS feed so I can look at new replies when I have a chance.  Better than a hundred emails.

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  • Another usability impairing feature of the new forums is that there is a separate tab for Unread messages. Previously, topics with unread messages had icons on them so you didn't have to jump to a different view. I found this previous behaviour very effective.

  • Got to agree, the old forum was much quicker and simpler to navigate

  • Change isn't always easy, so I won't voice too strong of an opinion on this new forum design - yet :)  But my initial impression is that I liked the old forum design better.  Time will tell...

    Then again, why did K bother to change their forum?  I sure hope all the old content will get ported over, or newbies will really be at a loss...

  • From the differences between the old  and the new structures I highly doubt the old forums will be moved over... As for "newbs" being at a loss, I don't think it'll be that bad as most people are going through the growing pains of K2 together, and any new comers will be able to see that reflected here...  well for the most part that is.

    Personally I prefer the old forums more... it was after all in the traditional forum format, it also afforded us to do things like  post code much easier than here... even with "rich formatting" turned on is only provision to post HTML.

    Anyways, thats just my 2 cents...

  • @jasonrdavis So am I correct in thinking that you will automatically receive email notification to Forums or Groups that I add as Favorites? IE, I added the Service Providers Group as a favorite and now am getting emails from every forum & sub-forum in that group... and the only way to stop it is to turn off emails completely?

  • I agree with Andy. I'm recieving emails on EVERYTHING on the forums instead of just the KES stuff I want to follow.

  • Ditto.  But I am certainly learning a lot.  :)

  • Me too.... make it stop! I turned off emails but that seems to take a while to work?

  • Me three. It seems as soon as you "join" a community, you are automatically signed up for e-mail notificiation for every forum, and then have to go through each and turn it off. Although it is too late for me, can you perhaps change the default setting to "off" for this one?