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new forum software ???

  • New forum software...?  What was wrong with the old vbullet forum software?  Was it not pretty enough for your web department?  It must be an ID10T thing.

    I really would like to know who to call and argue with...ok  YELL AT and use 4 letter words.  :)

    It looks like crap, there is no real way to search...  Are you Kidding me?  You cannot find people and posts that you have... man I am really getting sad about this...whats that junk on the right side with all the big and small words.... whats that about?  It does not do anything useful.  I am an IT professional.  I have been in the business for over 20 years.... I come to a forum to post and find and be with like minded IT professionals.

    Please tell me this is a joke..haha SOB...Pretty Please...  

    I spent a lot of money and I have no forum in which to communicate.  Worse... You THINK you created a forum for your users to come to.  I have been poking around in this thing for 30 minutes.... and can't find crap.  Where is the community?  I have to go to different screens to search, different screens to see who's online, there are no threads...Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

    I will admit,  I have been away from the forum for a long time working on other stuff, and I come back and see this Facebook looking abomination with almost no true forum functions in it.  YUK!  Its like it used to be before Vbulliten.... Utterly Useless.


    I truly feel like a small part of me died tonight... I am SADDENED by this unfortunate turn of events at Kaseya's web department.

    PLEASE Tell me I am in the wrong place.

    I am looking for the MSP forum that was private and had lots of active community....not this "Hey Kool-Aid" burn my eyes out white and blue hemmorage you have got going on here.

    PS.... BIG Hi to everyone I have not seen in a long time.  Hope you all are well.  I missed you.  :)



    are you still allowed to argue in here since its now a basic open to everyone forum?  Where did the private club I paid for go?  Man... I leave for 12 months and the forum goes to hell.

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  • LOL Welcome back gamer-x, long time. It's been voiced by quite a few about the dis-like of the forum but they seem dead-set on it. Content from the old forum is being pulled over... supposedly. I still just go back and log in to view the old content and search for stuff i still need and to smile and remember the "good-ole-days". I've given up fighting over it and continue to clump through this one to try and get used to it but it's just not happening for me. The only thing I actually really like is having the RSS feed but it's not like that couldn't have been done with vbul.

    You can argue, I found it's much quicker now to get messages from mods if you openly voice your frustration.

  • @Gamer-x

    Welcome back.  You can argue.  Just keep it professional.  There are a lot of reasons we moved to this new platform.  Feel free to give me a call to discuss.  We are constantly working on changes to improve usability.  I am actually reviewing the data migration of the old forums right now on a staging server.  Those oddly shaped words are tags.  You'll noticed that there is a place for you to tag your posts and even your replies.  Please use them so that we can all find things more easily.

    There is an open issue right now with our search indexing.  I'm hoping to have a resolution on that in the next couple of days.  

    This community is more than just forums as well.  Check out the resources section and the knowledge base.  Its all coming up to speed, and I always welcome specific ideas on how to improve things.  

  • Can I just ask why we have to call to discuss, why not just get it out in the open so that the community knows?

  • The conversations have been had in the public over in the community feedback section, and not all, but many of those conversations end up being more like rants and less like conversations.  Which is fine, but the most productive conversations I have had with users so far, about improving this forum have been on the phone.  

  • ***edit*** thirteentwenty code tag does work. use [ code ] without spaces in rich i think. and [ / code ] without spaces at end. about to test without rich text.

    edit again

    back to original stance of code tags don't work if the [/ code ] tag is on a different line then the original [ code ] tag.

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  • Ahh so it's there, it's just not working correctly, hence no button... the first couple times I tried to use it, it just spit the [ c o d e ] tags back at me... maybe the coz will get his whips and chains out and lash the dev team for this!

    PS got my own thread about the code tags

  • thanks for the info.  I will have to spend some time in here... learning how to find things again.  I am going to call soon to get the skinny on whatever this "forum" software is based upon so I use it to its potential.  I really do hate the white facebook look.  YUK! and everything is so damn BIG.  it takes a lot more work to get the same information.  I will give it a good college try and even though its currently not what I need, maybe I can influence its over design in the long run.....just for the record... Vbullet is the king of forum software for a reason... its because it rocks, and rocks well.  for now... I will deal with the Big...ness of everything, and the fact I cannot find anything yet... I feel like a retard using this...  :)