Hi All,

I for one think this would be really cool, Instant live, community driven feedback.

My number 1 percieved shortcoming with Kaseya is support reponses are "slow".

I am sympathetic to this issue, as the product is huge, far reaching globally, it is constantly evolving, and the skillset of the users is rather diverse.

Ways to make support better are to have community driven forums. DONE
Have localised country / region specific forums. DONE
Hire localised country / region specifc support staff DONE

However, Whenever i contact support, i have come to expect escalation if the matter is a technical specialist one, which is fine.

This is why im asking for a live chat section, so we don't have to contact support if its something that is a quick fix we can get instant feedback

See the attachments for examples of how it could work.

The attachment option1, shows just a simple "Facebook" style chat with people online from either the company, or community members
KaseyaEmp01 - Windows Server Specialist
KaseyaEmp02 - Hardware specialist
KaseyaEmp03 - VSA Specialist
KaseyaEmp04 - SNMP Expert
KaseyaEmp05 - And so on

And on top of that list, i'd love to see community members providing quick chat based feedback on issues
KaseyaUser01 - Server guy
KaseyaUser02 - Hardware guy

You get the point

The attachment option2 just shows an extra tab, that direct to an old MSN / Yahoo Chatroom type feature

Categorize the chat rooms to different areas, Monitoring, SNMP, Server specialists, etc etc.

In conclusion

Lets face it, those who use Kaseya to deliver MSP services to their customers aren't I.T Novices.

85 percent of my issues have been very quick "how tos"
15 Percent of my issues have been, this is not working technically - some random ASP error, im not an asp expert, i require help, but i can fix it myself.

I envisage a chat system where by habit, us Kaseya users will log in and field a quest to whoever is in the chat rooms, and i would be VERY surprised if the majority of the questions couldn't be answered straight away by a community member, or a Kaseya staffer sitting in on the chat rooms like they do the forums.

Support is average but getting better
Kaseya forums were good but not versatile
Community Kaseya forums are amazing but not instant repsonse
A Chat room would be amazing, and instant response

I envisage less support staff being needed to reply to mudande howto requests
I envisage more specialist Kaseya Users being rewarded for really proactive community support
I envisage this being something Labtech and nable will never do, and another way to seperate yourselves from the competition

What are your thoughts? I'd LOVE to hear a Kaseya staff members point of view (not Kaseya's specific view, but individual thoughts about the idea)