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Email responses -- supported or not?

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I can't tell if email responses to email from postings on this forum are supported or not.   The emails don't say, and there's no error if I do, but the responses don't seem to show up.  And I can't find an effective way to search on the point within this forum; for all I know, it's been answered, but if so, I don't see it.

So... are they?  And why isn't it working, or why isn't the lack of support better documented?



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  • Currently email replies to posts are not supported.  This functionality will be integrated in the future.  When they are supported the email notification will include a line that says something along the lines of "you can reply to this email to update the thread."

  • So, did it ever occur to anyone that either:

      a) the emails should actually SAY "do not reply", or

      b) if you DO reply, you should get a bounce messave saying it's not supported?

      c) all of the above?

    No?   Nobody thought of that?   Too subtle?



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  • All of the above did occur to me, in fact.  :)  The trick is that those emails are system generated, so it'll take some custom coding to change that message.  At this point, the integration of email will happen before I can get that custom coding done.  :)

  • Hey, you get points for trying, Brendan!

    But is it that hard to generate a bounce email reply?


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  • Works great for me! Must be Ken's fault!   :-)