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Win 10 - 1709 (Fall 2017 Creators) with Live Connect and Multiple Admin Monitors?

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Hello all,

Has anyone else had issues with the Fall 2017 Creators update and using Live Connect across multiple monitors?

I can use LC RC without issue on my primary screen, but when I move it off to one of my other monitors, it either freezes the video (if it had already been visible on my primary monitor), or will show the connecting screen (if it is starting on the other monitor).  I can move it back to the primary monitor and use it as normal.  Another strange thing is I can use keyboard and mouse commands when I cannot see the video display on the secondary monitor. Very strange.  

Also - we are on patch (moving to 31 tonight).  

Thank you!

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  • I can use both monitors with impunity (and have since version 6.5!). Running here currently, but with the same LC build as was released with - so pretty sure we are running the same code.

    Is your secondary monitor driven off an AMD chipset based graphics card? if so you may need a change to an INI file.

  • Some of the other staff in the office also do not have any issues.  hmmm.  I will update drivers.  Thanks!