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Live Connect & Windows 10 Creators Update

  • Hey there, everyone! I'm hoping this gets enough eyes because this has the potential to impact how Live Connect runs on Windows 10-based machines.

    I've begun seeing reports on various communities where Windows 10's most recent April 11th Creators Update ends up breaking video-related functionality. Some report oddities with the number of displays that appear in their display settings. Some report that certain applications will crash or refuse to launch. Apparently the Creators Update made a change to DirectX and some vendors have released hotfixes or beta updates to accommodate this change.

    Unsurprisingly, this can affect how Live Connect runs. I'd like for those who have already or are planning to download the Creators Update to report back if the latest version of Live Connect works for you or your team. If it does not work, we need to know so we can gather enough evidence to put out a quick update if necessary.


  • I can run LC on a creators machine ok (controlling servers and win 7 pcs).  I don't have a second Creators machine to LC to however. I'll try to test this scenario soon.

  • We have 8 notebooks on the Creators Update and zero incidents so far. Unfortunately my notebook is on loan to a colleague, so I can't run real tests now. Will pick this up next week.

  • I appreciate your quick responses, and . If I may add some hints, I'm personally seeing this affect machines with certain video cards from AMD and Intel. If you have an older machine with drivers as old as 2011 to 2014, this may be a good target to test with. Let me know if there is anything like this in your environment. However, I am glad to see a majority of the systems are not having issues with the latest Creators Update.

  • I have been in Creators Update since the 12th and have used LC against several machines without issues (so far).

  • My live connect has been useless since the creators update. =(

  • Our users are on HP Probook 650 G1 machines, with current drivers. We don't have users on older machines with the Creators Update.

    What machine are you working on, could it fall in the older machines bracket?