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9.4 Feedback/Impressions

  • 9.3 (latest patch) and 9.4 do support server 2016.

    You have to update the agent manually on the machine because agent procedure wont run on older agent versions.

  • Yeah, turns out that we had to run around and manually re-run KcsSetup.exe (with /r) on the 2016 boxes. We don't have very many, so it wasn't a huge deal. Just, sigh. (We had a ticket open and everything. Nope, that's the official response. Do it by hand.)

    Figured out the Chrome thing, too: I was trying to click on 9.2 agents to run LC, thus I was getting prompted for old-school LC plugin code. New agent? New LC. Voila.

    So far... I'm kind of liking the new version? Mostly? We'll see...

  • I see a lot of comments about Live Connect and Remote Control.

    From :

    "We have a couple old 2003 servers that host legacy applications. KRC crashes on these systems between ctrl­altdelete, logon and desktop access"

    "KRC doesn't seem to maintain a connection when switching users."

    "When KRC disconnects in the above scenarios, it displays a static image of where you last were, so it's not clear you've been disconnected"

    We believe these issues have been resolved in (I have been burned in the past by giving release version numbers, but this is the latest version that is being heavily tested as we speak; so I am expecting it to be in this patch version.)

    "KRC no longer launches in a foreground window. You'll have to find your window in a mix of any other KRC windows you have, which can be challenging to deal with since, as I mentioned in my first post ­ the system name is no longer listed in the Title bar. Each window simply shows the K logo followed by ::"

    These items are fixed, but the fix didn't make it in time for the patch. They will be in a patch after

  • Just some more observations regarding Live Connect, things that will make our technicians take more time to get to the information they need.  A lot of it comes down to if we were to just have our technicians use Live Connect and not the VSA they would be missing a lot of information they would need to quickly identify a machine or hunt one down.  Not criticizing but it feels like maybe from a design perspective typically msp workflows might not have been taken into account or maybe I'm just crazy in what I think would be useful for the end user experience.

    Live Connect

    • There is no longer a drop down for machine groups everything is search based, sure you can find the machine group by searching but you no longer can select it from a drop down.
    • Search
      • Does not return multi string results without operators, an example is you can't say robert acme and have it return results that might have a user or machine with robert in the name and acme as a machine group
      • When you search the headings on the top disappears so unless you know what each column is already then you going back to remind yourself
      • When you find a search result that you want for instance machine group if you have more than a few machines you're clicking more results over and over again.  First set of results shows 5, then 15, then increments by 10 I believe.  So if you know a machine starts with an R and it's a machine group with 80 endpoints without going back to the VSA you're going to click more results a whole bunch of times before you get to the Rs.
        • I would suggest that results have an option to either show all or 25 or 100 or 1000 and that those settings are remembered between sessions instead of continually clicking more results.
    • Columns are not customizable, agent version may be important to some people but my techs for instance mostly don't care so it's wasted real estate that could be use for something more useful to their day to day.
      • I would suggest allowing column set groups like the VSA and customization to make it really useful
    • Filter View
      • Does not page or scroll to the end of the list so unless you know what you're looking for and can use the search window in the filtered view you will not be finding it by scrolling through unless you jump back to the VSA where you can do that

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  • I haven't updated to 9.4 yet but have a question.  With the new patch deployment module, can we automate the deployment of the Win10 anniversary update?

  • The new software/patch management module has not been released yet.  They noted in their webinar first quarter and it will be a regular patch update to 9.4 I believe.

  • Thank you

  • As of version the machine name is still displayed as K:: which is of no help whatsoever. Yesterday I was troubleshooting three servers at the same time and need to know which one I am working on quickly and easily. Opening a second live connect just goes wherever it wants and is difficult to locate. when opening a second live connect has closed the first one (not hidden in the background). Occasionally the windows will just display the doughnut of death and I have to close and reconnect.

    I found you can customize the columns but that could be a result of

  • +1 for the 2003 Server problem, it crashes three times and requires a close/open of KLC to get to a desktop.

    The Windows focus problem is also frustrating

    If you are connected to a machine already, a second connection to another machine opens minimized - anyone seeing that?

    No machine names is also troublesome.

    I'm new to the forum - do they pay attention to these reports?  Should I be officially reporting bugs somewhere?

  • Steckel, welcome to the forum! These concerns have been noted. You should also report these to Support via tickets for a quicker response.

  • Has anyone updated to .12? Wondering if this resolves the issue of the window opening in the background/minimized has been resolved.

  • Timmie, the .12 patch does not address this issue. Development is actively working on it.

  • At least they have place the computer name in the top left corner. What I am finding is it can take 20-30 seconds to actually connect to an endpoint. Sometimes the live connect screen will just close without warning and close other live connect screens with it. That is a pain.

    I have found a few cases where I cannot connect to an endpoint and when that happens I have to remove the agent then re-install it.

  • Anyone else having a problem with LiveConnect when an endpoint has multiple multiple monitors?  On some (admittedly a small group) of my endpoints, switching to the second monitor hangs the entire LiveConnect session.

  • Margulies, I'm trying to troubleshoot that issue of multiple monitors having numerals incorrectly ordered and/or last monitors freezing a session. Please create a ticket and request for my name, if possible.