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R9.2 First Impressions

  • It's time again for another release. And as usual I like to open a discussion about what others are experiencing with the new release.

    Did you have any issues with performing the upgrade?

    How has your VSA been performing since the upgrade?

    Are there any issues you've noticed in R9.2 that did not exist in the previous versions?

    Has everything been smooth and works great?

    This release seems to have A LOT of changes. I'm curious how we're feeling about the new Discovery changes? Does RDP work like it used to or is it different now?

  • Having been beta testing 9.2 for some time, I can say that a massive number of longer-term bug fixes has been much appreciated. Kaseya have finally fixed a few issues I had open for over a year. Yay.

    RDP seems to work exactly the same (except you have to launch it from the remote control tab , agent icon only launches KRC). You still have to deal with the noactivex-xxxxx.exe and the fact that windows 8+ wants to block that as a threat every time. Annoying, but not fatal.

    VSA performance is basically unchanged or slightly better - but I only have a 6Gb database and a few agents to test with so not exactly a massive load to gauge scalability.

    Generally, VSA 9.2 has been smooth - I didn't upgrade as it's a beta (just installed 9.2 from scratch in a test environment) but I can say that I haven't found anything existing to "break". I'll be upgrading production ASAP.

    There are some niggles with KES (AVG 2013) - the VSA always reports all agent definitions out of date - and the password-protection feature stops the usr opening the UI (so users can't run manual scans) but doesn't stop the user disabling AVG by right-clicking the agent icon and choosing disable protection! This should be the other way around (should match the way KAV works).

    Once again as a beta, discovery is hard to compare - really need to upgrade our production box to asses this further.

    Win10 support is better - patch scans seem to work, the view filter supports win10, KES supports windows 10. Not sure if Win10 is a filterable item in agent procedures - have to check that.

    Exec summary report - nervous about how my existing reports will upgrade - something even Kaseya hasn't been able to answer so far.

    Overall and broadly speaking, the release looks pretty good in my opinion. Can't wait for 9.3 with refreshed UI and project Hydra - fixing the inconsistent UI and the lack of KLC functionality being my two main continuing complaints at this point.

  • KAM still says "UnsupportedOS". Can't install KAV through the Anti-Virus tab. Everything has been good performance-wise.

    It's great to have the Executive Summary reports back. Our clients have been happy with the change.

  • Good to hear, I was beginning to think no one received the upgrade. I still havent. This gradual rollout is crap. Imagine microsoft we have new windows but only 10 customers at a time may have it.

  • I have been testing the new Executive Summary on two of my servers and they inherit the new template very well with little to no issues.

    I trust the 9.2 release to have the same behavior.

  • ,

    I understand the frustration with a planned rollout of the 9.2 release, but this is necessary to ensure our internal organizations can support customers as they upgrade.  With 9.2, we offered a first-come-first-served signup to receive the upgrade.  If we were to release the upgrade to all customers at one time, support and engineering would not necessarily be able to handle the requests for upgrade assistance, early bug reports, general how-to questions, etc.  

    Regarding Microsoft, they did, in fact, do a roll-out style release of Windows 10, which included a pre-registration for interested individuals:  www.theverge.com/.../windows-10-will-roll-out-in-waves.  This is fairly typical of major releases for software companies as it ensures available support to upgrading customers and non-upgrading customers alike.  This isn't as necessary when dealing with physical media-based installs since the general public will purchase the physical upgrade software at a staggered rate.  However, with downloadable upgrades, it's a sound business decision to ensure continuity of services to all customers.

    If you have specific concerns about the upgrade rollout strategy, or if you have suggestions on how we might improve this process, I encourage you to discuss them with us directly.  Please feel free to PM me or contact your account manager to discuss any ideas you may have.  We are always open to new, fresh ideas to improve our services.

    Thank you,


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  • When should we expect to hear about when we will get access to the R9.2 install? We registered at the start of the week and the automated e-mail suggested we should hear back within 1 business day...

  • I take it that KAV with Win10 support did not make it to this release?

    Antivirus (R9.2) - 3 November 2015:


  • Nevermind, I checked the requirements page:


    Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 are supported.

  • Hmm, Kaspersky's own page tells that Win10 is not supported:


    who to trust? :)

    correct KES req link
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  • neuvoja... I see you barely pay attention to any of Kaseya's release webinars and FAQs? All your questions are answered in them.

  • I thought Kaseya already said during the release webinar that KAV wouldn't ship with Win10 support in R9.2 but would be updated in a patch release for R9.1 and R9.2.

    I might have misunderstood though.
  • I know that my attention span is very short but I knew that in the webinar they said that it's up to Kaspersky to release it in time for R9.2. I had not checked the latest revision of the FAQ, I stand corrected.

  • To try to bring the information to the forefront, I've readded the "sticky" to the 9.2 FAQs and "9.2 in 7 minutes or less" posts.  Hopefully this will help others find answers to general questions about 9.2 more easily.

  • Somewhere along the line, I can't even manage to find the sign up to get registered for the 9.2 release... What am I missing?