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  • Finally this has some useful information about plans instead of being a changelog!

    Thank you Kaseya!

  • Hurrah, a real roadmap again. I truly hope that they start delivering on the promises. A bit of love for the VSA core product is greatly appreciated and getting the GUI updated and some real enhancements is long overdue.

  • The recent webinar looks really promising. They've changed quite a few key staff and the new team seems to have been listening, as they've relented on a number of points.

    Highlights for me:

    - priority features once again being rolled out in patches, not 'wait months for the next release to get  something you desperately need now that should have been fixed years ago'

    - fixing the stupid script approvals system, by allowing it to be turned off

    - bringing back RDP

    - fixing discovery

    - commitment up KLC replacement

    - commitment to win10 support

    - commitment to UI refresh

    - renewed beta program

    - overall, lots of love to the core product

  • First roadmap to show what is happening in future releases in a while...

  • The roadmap is good step in the right direction and I'm cautiously optimistic but what I most desperately want to see is fixes to the support system. Most of us understand bugs and, while none of us like them, it's the sound of crickets so many times from support that's frustrating. I do have my fingers crossed and thanks for the changes to date, Kaseya. When 9.2 arrives (and gets battle tested by some of you more courageous types) it may be time to re-evaluate my decision not to move past 8.0...

  • If anyone hasn't watched the roadmap webinar, I recommend it. The staff sounded like they get our frustrations and are trying their best to turn it around and listen. I really appreciated their viewpoint on the npapi/liveconnect issue (Browsers have been saying they were going away from this for a while we should have been more on top of this to provide a better solution. Sorry.) I am very hopeful for this new staff.

  • To all of our customers who have been responding on this string, thank you for your support and your public appreciation of all of the latest Kaseya changes.  It means a lot to us.  Our entire company is rallying around 'customer success' and we still have A LOT of things we are working on to better serve all of you.  We are very excited about rolling these changes out & we appreciate your patience as we retool!

    Your acknowledgment of things when they are changing for the better really makes a difference - motivating the teams behind the scenes who are working hard for change!!  We hope to continue to roll out more positive changes in the near future (and hopefully also continue to receive positive reinforcement) for delivering value to you, our customers.  Have a great weekend everyone

  • Hi Alex - it sounds as if you're a Kaseya employee and I suppose most people here know that but, for those here who might be as clueless as me, would you please identify yourself and your role at Kaseya? Thank you.

  • Ahhh, sorry. Looks like I could have just gone here:


    I guess it's OK if you post here...   LOL!

  • Pleasure to meet you Zippo :)

  • Hello...

    Any chance of enabling a RSS feed directly on the roadmap (community.kaseya.com/.../roadmap.aspx) page ?