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Prioritizing for Customer Success

  • Prioritizing for Customer Success

    I want to acknowledge some of the posts in the past few days that have voiced concerns about Support or problems with reaching Account Managers and also address questions related to the Product Roadmap.  The new Customer Success Organization does hear your pain and is working to address.  

    Fred Voccola, Kaseya’s new CEO, has publicly stated that Kaseya “lost its way” in terms of communicating with our MSP partners. We intend to rectify this. The pain you are currently  feeling is a result of some misaligned priorities that existed in the past.  We know you expect to see quick changes and quick results.  We assure you, there are many passionate people on the inside of Kaseya who are working tirelessly to bring about that change.

    This change starts at the top.  Fred, along with Alex Cuevas, Chief Customer Officer, and many others of the new Leadership Team have prioritized meeting with our customers and employees to determine where we need to begin anew.  Here are a few things that are happening now:

    Roadmap:  Based on the conversations we’ve had with many, many customers in the past 30-60 days, we’ve revised the Roadmap from what was published in July.  Many of the Roadmap focus areas did not align with what we were hearing from you, our customer.  There were some roadmap gaps, for instance, the need for Win10 to be fully supported immediately, and for us to figure out how to address KLC in Chrome now that NPAPI is no longer available.  A lot of folks also spoke about the need to reverse our prior decision and bring RDP support back.  The point is, you all want a roadmap that aligns with your needs and one whose dates you can rely on.

    Support and Product Development:  We have announced an additional $4m allocated to our Customer Success function in order to re-tool and augment both the Support and Account Management teams.  As part of the transition, we acknowledge that you have been impacted by delayed responses to submitted Support tickets. This is short-term in nature and will result in long-term gain.

    The critical factor in addressing your concerns quickly is to process the VSA issue backlog.  

    We have just completed an important and highly necessary review to ensure the most impactful issues are understood and addressed in upcoming future patches and releases.   This had to happen to improve the product now.

    We need to be able to better intake and resolve new important issues coming from our customers.   We are actively hiring and training additional support technicians to further build out the capacity of the team globally.  Further, we have allocated a new group within the Support organization to liaise and augment the Development Engineers to run down new bugs, test, and increase the output for patches to ensure fast remediation.  We are already seeing orders-of-magnitude change with the number of fixes.

    We do understand that when you need help, you need it quickly.  You have continued your commitment and we truly appreciate this.  

    Thank you.

    Tracy Hernandez, VP - Community & Education

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  • Sorry, but heard all of this before and still living through the empty promises. The last time we were told to wait a cycle or two was almost two years ago and things have not improved. In many ways we have gone backwards and are still moving backwards. Kaseya has had plenty of time to listen to the majority of users and still ignored and is still ignoring our issues. Your still not getting it. Telling us to be "patient" is an example of how out of touch you really are. We have all be "patient" for a very long time. Step up and produce some results!!!

  • Hi Tracy

    one support issue taking far too much time ( weeks / months.....) getting discovery and therefore KNM right.


  • The support issue causing me the biggest headache right now is agent procedure signing...Ticket open for over 2 months now and still having agent procedures fail to run because their "not approved".

    A big selling point of this product is automation and majority of our automation is halted due to our agent procedures failing to run!! We're on R9, just give us the option to turn this procedure signing "feature" off like you did for R9.1!!

  • Far too many basic things are still being missed. e.g. Patch is released today - but there are no patch release notes available. This is really 101 stuff you're missing, Kaseya, and it makes you look BAD.

    Kaseya, you present to me, your client, as a company with absolutely no direction and no care for your clients [you know, the people who pay you money for your product, the people that should be important to you]; for example you spend enormous effort working on a tool to migrate on-prem users to the cloud, despite your clients telling you that they will never go cloud; meanwhile basic flaws in the core product remain unfixed after [in many cases] years. Microsoft launches their biggest product in years, and despite an open beta program of that product spanning more than a year, Kaseya you are not ready to support the product. Not. good. enough.

    Kaseya's solution to their failings: hey, lets redesign our website. Lets hide the roadmap since it embarrasses us to makes promises that we later cannot keep. Lets throw a few million dollars at a customer kiss-*** program. Lets replace all the senior staff [again]. Lets talk about inventing a whole new product, from scratch, as clearly we are bored and have nothing better to do like fix our current product.

    Our constant feedback here is palmed off and we are ignored - tickets just get left open (abandoned by Kaseya) forever, or we get the classic excuse "create a feature request".  I shouldn't HAVE to give the same feedback multiple times - here in the forums, in tickets, in emails to my customer service rep, and THEN again as a feature request.....especially when none of the systems are in any way integrated and require me to either type it all out (yet again) or at least spend inordinate time copy and pasting the same material over and over. It should not matter how I, the customer, care to give you feedback or report problems - the problems should be addressed no matter HOW you become informed of them...THAT would be true customer service.

    If I do make a feature request, it's never updated anyhow; e.g. show me all the updates to the feature request threads calling for the return of RDP - yet here in the forums K staff have confirmed that RDP is to return; so you can't even keep your own systems YOU instigated at YOUR insistence, up to date. You expect us to follow a procedure YOU cannot even adhere to yourself. That's a REALLY bad impression you leave on your clients, Kaseya.

    I could go on, but I don't see the point - it's nothing that hasn't been said over and over by numerous Kaseya customers, for years and years.

    Stop talking about the problems. Stop apologizing. We're past that now -- We only want results. And we need them NOW. so start delivering on fixes TODAY please. If I didn't have so much time and money invested in Kaseya, i would have left years ago.

    You can start with tickets 21516, 50592, 68232, 83983 and 93047, just to mention a few basic issues that need fixing.

  • "just give us the option to turn this procedure signing "feature" off like you did for R9.1!!"

    To be fair, mikey p, any reason for not just rolling out R9.1 ??

  • Craig, I have considered upgrading to R9.1 only since they have made the option to turn it off there. But you know what, I shouldn't HAVE to. They support 3 releases back and I shouldn't be obligated to upgrade to fix something like this. A simple off switch is all I need for this "feature".

    And upgrading to a newer release very often just leads to other issues I'll have to deal with...IDK..I'm just venting here because i'm so fed up. From the release notes, I didn't see any urgent reason to upgrade to R9.1 but maybe I will have to take another look at them.

  • Hi Tracy, thanks for the update. I have a request based on your statement:

    "The critical factor in addressing your concerns quickly is to process the VSA issue backlog. We have just completed an important and highly necessary review to ensure the most impactful issues are understood and addressed in upcoming future patches and releases.   This had to happen to improve the product now."

    Given the renewed focus on transparency and honesty can you please share the results of said review with the community so that customers with open issues can get some insight into whether their issues are in fact correctly understood, whether they are higher or lower priority, anticipated resolution time frames, etc.

    I think helping the community gain a better understanding of the nature and scale of the backlog you are dealing with and how this is being tackled might build some trust that real programming and support effort is underway, and hopefully temper the really negative sentiment coming through in the forums at the moment.

  • Well, Kaseya only commit to version n-1 for 1 year support, in actual fact. helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../58243648-Kaseya-Support-Policy - yes I know, they're still making patches for 7.0 despite that policy - probably because of all the ongoing issues and the RDP business, nobody much wants to update, so they're virtually forced to support a lot of versions.

    I can tell you however, that 9.0 to 9.1 was the easiest and most trouble-free of any version, and i've done every jump from 6.3 onwards.... PS of the agent procedure signing fix isn't your compelling reason to upgrade, then i don't know what is :)

    patch is out now...off to see what goodies that brings us :)

  • Patches are regularly released before the Patch Release Notes. It typically takes us a few hours (24 hours MAX) to do so. In today's instance, the patch was released 7 am EST, and the notes were finalized and posted at 10 am EST.

    For your viewing pleasure, here are the notes:

    R9.1 - help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp

    R9 - help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp

    R8 - help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp

    Edit: I'm looking to see if this process can be better to your point Craig.

    See edit above.
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  • Mr. Hart has pretty much nailed it. It's good to hear Kaseya recognizing and admitting to a few mistakes but I'm not convinced that Kaseya isn't carrying forward with more of the very same mistakes that have gotten them to this point. When I read things like this snippit above:

    "As part of the transition, we acknowledge there has been impact discussed in the forums related to a delayed response to submitted Support tickets. This is short-term in nature and will result in long-term gain."

    I have to wonder if you're really listening or if it isn't just more of the same useless, banal lip service. What's that old joke about how to tell when a salesperson is lying? Kaseya's support issues are not "short term in nature". They've been happening for many years. A brief search here would show hundreds and hundreds of posts relating to problems with Kaseya support over a number of years. All of them ignored by Kaseya management. Many of us here have spoken directly and respectfully with Kaseya management pointing out specific problems with support and concrete steps that could be taken to immediately improve support response and all we've gotten is the same yada, yada, yada. I no longer believe that Kaseya management cares in the least about resolving the problems we have getting support for issues.

    We'd love it if you would take a break from producing embarrassingly overpriced and buggy modules and I don't care about "Hydra" or "Medusa" or "Boa" - I just want you to focus on fixing the issues in the Core VSA product for a change. Those have also been pointed out to you here over and over and over and over again yet you continue to ignore them just as you've continued to ignore your support problems.

    I am certainly one of your tiniest accounts and I'm also sure my leaving for the competition won't affect your bottom line but I gotta tell you that I have a foot and a half out of the door and the same useless lip service is not enough to convince me to stay. Quit wasting money trying to schmooze your customers and fix the problems with support and with your buggy VSA.

  • I can guarantee no matter the size of your organization or the amount of agents you are licensed for, all clients (small-mid-enterprise) share similar sentiments on the Kaseya product.  I believe we all see the promise and potential Kaseya possesses however has fallen short in recent years.  Personally speaking from the enterprise perspective, we too have a 'laundry list' of recommendations where Kaseya can really take off and ultimately benefit both on the customer and revenue side.  One does not have to look too far with what the clients want (Feature Request Portal on Kaseya helpdesk site).  

    I am cautiously optimistic with new regime at the helm, they will finally take into account all recommendations, cries, and suggestions from all clients and begin to incorporate them in the product and the company as well.  If they chosoe another direction, rest assured the competition is actively watching and listening to all Kaseya clients and incorporating change(s) in their respective product(s) to lure you into becoming a client.  This market is truly competitive and if Kaseya wants to continue to be a top-player, they need to start thinking and executing as one.

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  • interesting.....

    just had a kaseya competitor call my mobile before 9am to tell me about this thread and something that was said in the media that has obviously encouraged them to ring people to convince them to move.  Not sure how he got my mobile either.

    Your competitors are circling, get your act together and fix or you will become nothing.

  • I was also pursued by a kaseya competitor by email and phone yesterday. It was obvious from the text of the email that either they saw this thread, or, they are simply on a mission to steal customers. I find this highly unethical and I wont be considering their product.

  • A quick search on google news says kaseya did some layoffs, and also some hiring, and by the sounds of it this is exactly what they have been saying they were doing when they hold their webinars. They are restructuring. The news focuses on the layoffs part, which of course is the negative part, thus the competing scavengers out there are trying to take the opportunity to make kaseya look bad.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending Kaseya, it's still a love/hate relationship for me, but i definitely hate when the media spins stories just for the sake of getting attention, and the competing scavengers are just low. I agree with I don't know if I would want to do business with those kind of people.