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What standard of support do you get from Kaseya?

  • I'm fairly new with Kaseya, I've had a few support requests I've made to Kaseya, not due to me doing something dumb, bit things were the software is flaky or my portal is definitely not working as advertised.  

    I have to say the support from Kaseya has been utterly dismal.  I have one serious business affecting request that has languished for almost a month now.  Is this just me?  What kind of responses do you get?   

    Currently I'm wishing I went with lab-tech.  Their salesman warned me about this, and I think he was right.  Are you satisfied with support from K?


  • My dealings with support via the ticket system are not good either. Very long wait times to get a reply. I put a ticket in last week that has yet to be replied to.

  • Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback.
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