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  • Just to add to the list of things Kaseya does horribly .... add their Accounting Dept. to this list ....

    They don;t send bills, but expect you to pay on time, then you have to use the "Portal" site to put in your credit card, BUT you can;t see any invoices at all that you are paying .... We'd be out of business in a week if we had a billing department that operated this way ...

    Kaseya, get you in-house stuff cleaned up properly too please! Get a REAL billing system, one that gives us invoices that we can click a button marked PAY and then enter our CC information or have our CC on file to pay it automatically at that time ...

  • Hi  

    We recognize that the process can be improved and we are working on a new e-commerce system for simplifying the purchasing and billing structure as a whole.

    The following segment from our latest Road Map call has our CTO discussing some of these changes we are working:


    With that said, I understand you are frustrated - if I can assist in any way with your current issue, please email me directly at nicolas.ponce@kaseya.com.



  • In 2012 our Kaseya rep told us we would be able to order licenses from a portal ourselves "soon".

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